“The story behind my experience with implantable microchips” was written in early 2012. It must be noted now (since November 2013) that this summary of my extraordinary experience is not an entirely accurate account. It was written at a time when I did not have entirely accurate understanding of the ICJ trial that is the subject of this essay. Since this ICJ trial has been held in the highest degree of secrecy and its details are not accessible to anyone outside the highest levels of governments around the world, one has to make a lot of inferences in reconstructing its course, sort of like reconstructing a whole civilization from archaeological ruins. As time passes and the author has access to more information on the basis of which to make better inferences, his understanding of the confidential course of the ICJ trial inevitably improves, so that, the later a chapter that is composed, the more accurate is its description. Now this summary here unfortunately does not belong to the category of later compositions. While the first half of this narrative (until early 2010, when Russia won the ICJ trial) and the summary of France's objection in April 2010 (in “About the 'second' and 'third' run of the International Court of trial”) are more or less accurate accounts, they are vague and have omitted important details. The rest of the narrative is however not accurate; specifically there is no “third run” (the account is wrong) and the project of UN Study Group is wrongly described. Please take note of this. For a more accurate account, you have to refer to the chapters on the main site.

The story behind my experience with implantable microchips

Lawrence C. Chin
February 23 – March 13 2012

I have been going around in recent months looking for ways to find a microchip (or nanochip) which has supposedly been implanted into my head. I have told a few persons I know about this greatest wish of mine, and, when they looked at me in disbelief, I was struck by the way I was completely unable to explain why “the authority” would plant anything in my head. The story is so complex that it's simply impossible to articulate it in the course of an ordinary conversation, and I decided that I would have to write out a summary that's short enough to motivate people to read it and articulate enough for it to be intelligible. The story, when I'm articulate enough, is however even more bizarre than the implantation itself. On top of it all is the grandiosity of the story. It is a story about a secret trial in the International Court of Justice which has completely changed the balance in international relations, but which, next to the 911 attacks, is also the most covered-up event of all time. Unfortunately, there is no one who will tell it but me.

My name is Lawrence Chin. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan in late 1969, a year and a half after my older brother, David, was born. This simple statement has at one time been one of the most secretly controverted statements in the history of humankind. In 2005, when I was studying in Montreal, Canada, I became entangled in a terrorist investigation conducted jointly by the FBI, CSIS, and RCMP. The investigation was initiated by the FBI, maintained in force for an year and a half by a female special agent in the Los Angeles branch of the FBI, all because she had mistaken me for someone else and just couldn't get over her mistake. She led a “die hard” team which, although they could never find anything, continued surveillance on me even though all her Canadian partners had become convinced that I was the wrong person and had lost interests. I returned to California in April 2006, and the FBI “die hard team” continued. As their surveillance and investigation had become increasingly pointless and hopeless, the case caught the attention of the CIA's clandestine service. The CIA, after making sure that it was all a mistake, thought however that I might be fit for an operation they were planning in China. That was the summer of 2006. The CIA clandestine service always began its recruitment by carefully studying and educating its target, and by sending agents to bond with him. CIA agents were expert charmers; you can be the most extreme hater of the CIA and other power establishments all your life, and yet when they approach you they will so charm you out of your head that you will want nothing in the world more than be part of their organization. The way they study you and re-educate you is by recruiting virtually all your friends and your family members and using them together with their own operatives to stage circumstances in which you will find yourself. To really understand CIA's methods, I would suggest that you read Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Emile, about how the tutor carefully manipulates the student's environment – without the student noticing it all – in order to mold his desires so that he would learn to want what the tutor wants him to want. This is also how CIA clandestine service's recruitment works. A similar staple of the CIA clandestine operational techniques consisted in the creation of fake organizations, events, or circumstances to trap the target therein: either taking over an institution when knowing that the target was about to go there, evacuating all the people therein, and then sending in operatives pretending to be the original people evacuated, or simply setting up a fake institution made up of their operatives and diverting the target to it, all in order to create an artificial environment to trap and deceive the target and set him up for whatever was intended for him.

But beginning in August 2006, the Department of Homeland Security came to intervene, trying to prevent the Agency from recruiting me. What people don't know about Homeland Security is that it is a sorrowful organization. Its agents were mostly recruited from the ghetto, former convicts, and street gangs materials, and its “officers” were the leftovers from job market who had no clues about the intelligence and security business. At the time (2006) both the FBI and the CIA looked down on Homeland Security; people in the FBI and CIA are recruited from university graduates and middle-class families and trained in time-proven effective specialized methods, and they perceived Homeland Security as a bunch of stupid and irrelevant outsiders who were encroaching upon their turf. The neocons created Homeland Security partly to replace the FBI and the CIA whom they didn't like and didn't trust, but they didn't expect it to be so difficult to find qualified people to staff the new organization. As a result, although Homeland Security was created in the name of anti-terrorism, it never had a chance when it came to catching “terrorists”. There were just too many anti-terrorist organs working on too few terrorist wannabes, in which circumstance the established FBI took up all of them. When Homeland Security zeroed in on me as a “terrorist suspect” they thought they could finally score something and were thus not about to let me go just because the CIA had already plans for me. The result is that the two agencies began fighting each other. Displeased with the way in which the CIA clandestine service brushed them aside, Homeland Security personnel became so paranoid that they began investigating the CIA agent who was befriending me at the time as my “co-conspirator” in some imaginary attack which they believed was imminent. The conflict so went out of proportion that the then-Secretary of Homeland Security, Mr Chertoff, himself stepped in. Since the events I describe here are super top-secret and you'll never get confirmation for them from any of the participants, I shall in the following narrative only refer to him as “the then-Secretary of Homeland Security” or “former Secretary of Homeland Security” since he is now supposedly no longer the head of DHS. The then-Secretary just happened to be the most violent tempered of all in the US government. When the mistakes were cleared up, he was deeply embarrassed before those higher up in the White House to whom it was exposed just how incompetent and stupid this Homeland Security Department was on which the neocons had pinned their hopes, not trusting the old folks in the CIA and FBI. The then-Secretary of DHS was angry, and forbade the CIA to recruit me. He was the new political star at the time, who had the blessing of those higher up in the White House, and the CIA folks, whose influence was rapidly declining during the neocon hegemony, had to kowtow to him. Instead, the then-Secretary wanted to use this opportunity to increase his own power. Seeing how worthless his Department was and how masterful the CIA was in staging fake events, fake circumstances, and fake organizations to trap the target, he demanded that the CIA train his ghetto ragtags in these advanced techniques of clandestine operations. He mobilized tens of thousands of people to stage my environment 24/7, basically sealing me up in a bubble. That is, as soon as I stepped out of my door, I would only encounter actors whom Homeland Security had sent in to pretend to be pedestrians, shop keepers, public personnel, etc. Every environment I walked into was evacuated and “re-staged”. I heavily insulted these actors, and angered the then-Secretary of the Department. I hated Homeland Security not only because of this, but also because Homeland Security agents liked to vandalize my properties, my websites, and my computer and steal things from my apartment while the more professional FBI agents had never touched or stolen anything from me when searching my place. The then-Secretary was incensed because no matter how hard he tried, the fakes he produced just couldn't fool anybody. He was a “redneck” and didn't have the kind of sensitivity to details which the planners in the CIA had. When I walked into a Bohemian neighborhood, for example, he would, in imitation of the CIA, secretly evacuate the place and refill it with his operatives pretending to be the original people running the establishments. But all his operatives were ugly and downtrodden ragtags recruited from the ghetto, a far cry from the original pretty and artsy inhabitants, so that one would immediately know that the environment was fake. But the then-Secretary had a lot of pride in himself, and he decided that he had to be the smartest in the world and beat the CIA in the business of clandestine operation even though he was trying it for the first time in his life. He had so annoyed the officials in the CIA clandestine service because he was an outsider who just had to stick his nose into other people's expertise. And yet no one could do anything about it because the neocons were the new masters on the scene.

When the inter-agency rivalry concluded by the beginning of 2007, the then-Secretary of DHS embarked on a campaign of cover-up. He was a very secretive person, he didn't want people to know that his Department of Homeland Security had once been so stupid and desperate as to “investigate” CIA operatives as “terrorist suspects”, that he was once so inept in the business of clandestine operations, and that he had now created within his Department a clandestine operational unit exactly modeled on the CIA clandestine service. He was a very power-hungry man, and he tried hard building up the fledging and new Department of Homeland Security to the point where it rivaled the reputable FBI and CIA so that he may have under his command a security force more powerful than these two traditional agencies. And once the supremely educated and sophisticated experts in the CIA had finished training his gangsters and ghetto kids who had barely stepped into community colleges, guess what – he kicked the CIA aside. There was no recruitment for the CIA; our Secretary of Homeland Security couldn't care less about CIA's plan in China. Now he didn't want anyone to know about all this. He would have to discredit me before I even began talking. The best method he decided upon was to orchestrate an investigation of me as a mentally insane political extremist which would result in my being put on a watch-list as a dangerous schizophrenic who needed to be watched over for harboring delusions about governmental processes and officials. The then-Secretary's way to “orchestrate” an investigation of this sort from scratch – when there otherwise would not be an investigation – was very simple: simply order my family members and my doctor to make false reports to authority, and at the same time surround me with operatives who, pretending to be concerned private citizens, were instructed to falsely report to police saying I made threatening statements or suicidal gestures when I never did anything of the sort. Law enforcement would then be ordered to step in and look into “my case.” The legal mechanism would then be in place for the Secret Service and law enforcement to warn all public entities (private enterprises, universities, domestic and foreign government agencies) with which I should come into contact that I was a bad-to-the-bone and dangerous schizophrenic who fantasized having relationships with the FBI, CIA, and DHS and who was under investigation because I made threats everywhere and harbored dangerous delusions about being persecuted by such top official as the then-Secretary of Homeland Security. The warning would achieve its real purpose of discrediting me because it would say that I was so delusional as to have imagined up in my sick mind that I had once been investigated as a terrorist suspect, been sought for by the CIA, and then incurred the wrath of DHS and even its very Secretary. In fact, no one would even want to hear me speak because everyone I met would be so disgusted with me as to immediately shun me. I couldn't do any better by joining private social groups, for the Department would recruit everyone I tried to befriend as informants for their investigation of a most disgusting and dangerous sick mind. Whether I went to Taiwan, Canada, or Europe, it's all like this. The then-Secretary had put in place a legal mechanism which would require the local law enforcement entities in every country to warn the population I was about to encounter about me. After being so warned, no one would ever want to have anything to do with me. I would never have a chance to speak about my experience, let alone be believed. This happened throughout 2007.

Throughout 2007 I began writing out a story about my experience. Entitled, “My experience with the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Homeland Security”, it would soon cause a major stir in international relations. Now I simply have it on my website (www.lawrencechin2011.com).

By late 2007 I decided to escape to China. I chose China because the Chinese government was not a US puppet unlike the Taiwanese or Canadian government and might not cooperate with DHS' “investigation and warning of a dangerous sick mind” if they knew the truth. I thought that I could easily convince the Chinese government of the truthfulness of my story and my total sanity because I suspected the Chinese government actually had information about me – namely, they knew that I had once been investigated by the FBI as a terrorist suspect and might even know about the inter-agency rivalry between Homeland Security and the CIA. The then-Secretary of the Department got wind of this, and a race was on between us for the ear of Chinese government. Nobody wanted me to go to China or have any communication with the Chinese government, certainly not the CIA, because I after all knew something about an operation the Agency had planned in China. But the then-Secretary of DHS pushed aside the CIA and other governmental agencies, claiming that he alone was sufficient to deal with me. For him, we were still in competition just like before. The then-Secretary thought that he was now so versed in the art of deception that he could fool the Chinese government with his new profile of me as a dangerous sick mind, etc., and thus passed to the Chinese Foreign Ministry this new profile of me as a hallucinating schizophrenic who had simply imagined up his being investigated as a terrorist suspect and sought for by the CIA as spy to be sent into China, and who embodied all these criminal characteristics including fanaticism for white supremacy and Hitlerism (even though I'm Asian). The CIA was worried that I might reveal something about their plan to the Chinese government, but our Homeland Security Secretary thought that he could convince the Chinese government that I was insane so that they wouldn't even listen to me. He would be wrong.

When I obtained my Visa from the Chinese consulate of Los Angeles in early November 2007, I knew that the consulate staff had already been falsely alerted by the Department in the same way as everyone else had been thus far, and that the Department had already passed the false warning along with the new false profile of me to the Chinese authority. I decided to bypass the Chinese Foreign Ministry and get my side of the story heard by the Chinese intelligence service by obtaining an account from a Chinese web-based email service and sending the story I had written to that email account. In other words, I had deposited my story in a web server that was physically located inside China. I was hoping that, if the Chinese intelligence service ever should see it, they would not believe the United States' false warning about me and cooperate with United States' request to “warn” the population in China that a white supremacist schizophrenic was coming among them, resulting in everyone shunning me like a pestilence. I would then be allowed to live a normal life in this land where my ancestors came. (I had thus far never been to China.) I wasn't entirely sure if the Chinese intelligence service would see my story because I didn't know how tightly the Chinese government monitored the Internet traffic within its territory. It would turn out that the Chinese intelligence service had been monitoring all the electronic communications occurring within its territory with a system very similar to NSA's Echelon, namely, a computer would filter all calls and emails and faxes coming in and out of China and would flag any communications containing sensitive keywords. Since my story was filled with these keywords (“FBI”, “CIA”, “terrorism”) it was flagged as soon as I sent it in, so that Chinese intelligence officers would immediately be reading it.

Now my story contained some information about the particular CIA operation for which the Agency was originally having me in mind. It was about getting into a Chinese university to study the origins of Chinese civilization and using that as a cover to link up with the ethnic minorities in the mountainous south and “encourage” them to rebel against the Chinese central government. It was the most typical CIA operation on the book. When the director of the Chinese intelligence service – let me now identify the Chinese intelligence service for you: it's called the “Ministry of State Security” or MSS for short – when the director of MSS saw my story, he immediately identified the information and, following the clues contained in it, busted the operation in question. It turned out that the CIA was running this operation together with the German intelligence (BND) and that, when my recruitment failed, they and the BND sent a German girl to China to play the role for which I was originally chosen. The director of the MSS had her arrested. But he wasn't yet satisfied. Obviously this was just one tiny part of a much larger picture, one “Op” in a long term project to fragment China. He wanted to know the full scope of the Agency's operational plans in China, “the larger picture”. And he figured out a way.

Just as I had guessed, back in early 2006 when the FBI was still investigating me, the FBI “die hard” team had actually shared information about the investigation with the Chinese authority: because I was at the time writing emails to strangers in China, Russia, and Brazil, the special female agent leading the “die hard team” followed the protocol and alerted the Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian authorities about my investigation. Our then-Secretary of DHS, however, was negligent; he didn't sufficiently familiarize himself with the foregoing FBI's investigation of me and thus assumed that the Chinese wouldn't know I was telling the truth and would believe his lies. Thus, when the MSS looked at the new alert which Homeland Security had passed to them about me warning them how I suffered from a delusional belief about being investigated as a terrorist suspect and so on, they knew that I was telling the truth and that it was really the US government which was lying. He had in his hand the information from the FBI informing him that I was a terrorist suspect and corroborating the details of my story – and this is why it didn't take long for him to take my narration about CIA recruitment seriously and to believe the clues about that particular CIA operation in China – and now, one and a half year later, Homeland Security was telling him I had imagined up the whole thing! This was golden, for Homeland Security was thereby violating very important international laws. The director of the MSS duly sued the United States in the International Court of Justice – that was mid-November 2007 – for violating international laws dictating the proper sharing of information about terrorist suspects: UN Resolution 1373. The MSS director had merely to pull out the information which the FBI had given him a year and a half ago as proof that United States had deliberately and maliciously lied and that my “delusion” was actually true. Insofar as Canada and Taiwan had also participated in the then-Secretary's cover-up, the MSS director brought the lawsuit against these two nations as well. How convenient.

Now because the MSS director was able to bust up a CIA-BND operation by following the clues in my story, he could persuade the judges of the International Court that my assertion about CIA's failed recruitment of me must also be true. Insofar as FBI's information about me legally established me in the international domain as a “terrorist suspect”, he could request to obtain the entire personnel file of the CIA clandestine service on the pretext that it was the “associate” of the terrorist suspect (me). The request was based on United States' obligation under Resolution 1373 to share information with nations which the terrorist suspect threatened about the terrorist suspect and his “associates”. The MSS director just had to insist that he really believed the FBI's information in his hand, even though deep inside him he knew that the FBI had made a mistake and that I in fact harbored no intention to harm China at all. That is, even though my story was meant to explain how I was mistaken as a terrorist suspect, and even though the MSS director believed me and knew that the information which the FBI had passed to him about my being a terrorist suspect was full of errors, because he saw in the requirement of international agreement an opportunity to dismantle CIA's entire operation in China, he proceeded to pretend to believe I was really a terrorist intending to come to China to wreck havoc, which would give him the legal right to demand entry into the database of CIA's entire spy ring around the world. His request was all the more justified given Homeland Security's mistake in investigating the CIA as my “co-conspirator” in terrorist attack! Nothing could have more disturbed the CIA, for, once the MSS director should obtain CIA's entire personnel file and know what CIA was planning around the world, it would mean nothing short of the complete disabling of the Agency's spy function. At first the CIA's lawyers were able to obstruct MSS director's legal assault by finding some technicalities in international laws – I won't bother to explain the details. Things changed when the then-Secretary of DHS was caught committing perjury in the International Court while trying to lie more to get out of his earlier lies. That was late November 2007. As my story, combined with the confession of the BND agent who was caught, established, legally, the Agency's clandestine service as my “associates”, the perjury prompted the judges of the International Court to grant the MSS unrestrictive access to Agency's database (and to other databases in the United States, Canada, and Taiwan as well). Later events had me suspect that in the Agency's “secret box” the MSS director discovered not only the worldwide operational plans of CIA's clandestine service but also indisputable proof about the 911 attacks – that 911 attacks were planned by the Pakistani ISI at the request of, and in cooperation with, elements in the US government itself (the “neocons”). He must have also discovered neocons' overall plan for world-conquest of which the 911 attacks would be the catalysts – a plan specifically aimed at exterminating China and Russia. The MSS director was ready to take all the evidences he had gathered to the UN Security Council to get United States labeled something like a “terrorism-sponsoring state”, just as United States had been going around the planet labeling oil-rich nations which were not willing to be on its side as “terrorism-sponsoring state”.

You can just imagine how the lawsuit had tremendously angered the CIA and the neoconservative administration. Everyone looked upon the MSS director as a hypocrite: it was obvious to everyone that I was labeled a “terrorist suspect” purely by mistake and that I was going to China to escape and not to do any damage. And yet by what can only be called an “error of technicalities” the United States had not only lost a massive amount of intelligence – once the global operational plans of the CIA's spy wing were exposed in the International Court, its career was pretty much finished – but was now about to be labeled a “terrorism-sponsoring state”. Consider simply the charge of a deliberate violation of Resolution 1373: if the United States was convicted of it, it would lose its entire moral authority and leadership role in the UN Security Council insofar as the hype about terrorism which the neocons had purposely engendered to advance their imperial agendas had caused the entire structure of international relations to revolve around this fictitious “War on Terror”. All the shit which the Americans had thrown onto other nations were now deflected back onto their face. I'll tell you a little more later why China's spy chief was so motivated to give United States such a hard time. Our Secretary of Homeland Security was the most angry of all. He had carefully built up a reputation of himself as an anti-terrorism tsar, a security expert, and a tough enforcer of laws, and yet the MSS director now revealed him to be just the opposite, a hypocrite, the first official ever to deliberately lie about a terrorist suspect and violate international agreement, and to commit perjury in the International Court of Justice. The MSS director's action had also tremendously angered the rest of the Western alliance, especially Taiwan and Germany. Just because the German BND had a hand in CIA's “China op”, it was now also an “associate” of a terrorist suspect and had to give up its entire “secret box”. When the MSS director gained unrestrictive access to the databases of Taiwan – surprise surprise, when it came to international agreements in fighting terrorism, Taiwan, a non-UN member, was subject to ICJ's jurisdiction just as if it were a sovereign nation! – he obtained the entire blueprint of what Taiwan was planning with United States to weaken China. The entire “conspiracy” of the Western alliance against China was busted, in other words. All the hard work of so many nations over so many years – to secretly check the rising China – was wiped out in a single instant. Eventually the CIA and the State Department organized an international outcry against the director of MSS, and all the nations of the Western alliance joined United States in the lawsuit: France, Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Iceland, Japan, and Belgium. It was because of this international outcry against the “cheating” China that, although the lawsuit had been held in secrecy of the highest order, it was so widely known among all the governments of the world and in the UN, that the people who have been directly involved in it or have direct knowledge of it – on all sides – must have numbered in the hundreds of thousands. The case created tremendous schism in the UN Security Council. I cannot overstate here the seriousness of China's assault. The ultimate objective of the director of MSS was not only to disable the Western alliance's secret plan to thwart China's rise to power, but also to dethrone once and for all the United States from its leadership role in international relations and to push China forward as the new leader in international affairs. Even nations which had not been overt allies of the United States had been so used to US dominance that they perceived its replacement by China as nothing less than threatening. China was suddenly entirely isolated.

I flew to China on December 29 2007. As soon as I arrived, the CIA's lawyers were able to break the MSS director's case. Unbeknownst to the MSS director, the CIA had a mole inside the MSS – obviously an “unofficial mole” not registered in any of the “secret boxes” – who was able to furnish the United States with indisputable proof of MSS director's dishonesty: that he also believed like everyone else that I was trying to escape to China rather than to harm China, and that I was purposely giving him information over the Internet in order to help him. The CIA brought the proof into the International Court as evidence and the judges were incensed: the MSS director had abused international laws and the International Court to conduct espionage of the most massive scale and to advance political agendas. It was a serious fraud. (I'm leaving out a lot of details about the ingenious ways the CIA lawyers were able to reinterpret the existing international laws in order to overcome the technicalities which normally would have prevented them from bringing into Court this kind of evidence, the kind obtained by infiltrating their opponent.) Now the CIA had only to prove that I was indeed purposely giving information away on the Internet (like my story in my Chinese email account) and was intent on helping China, in order to have the judges declare a “conspiracy” between me and the Chinese intelligence to defraud the Court. The CIA and the then-Secretary of DHS ran a lot of operations on me to produce artificial proofs of this – even though I wasn't quite a conspirator with the MSS because I had no idea, when I put up my story and other information about me on the Internet, that there could be a trial about me in the International Court, and of such proportion at that!

Eventually, when I realized what was going on while in China – that the Chinese intelligence service, instead of allowing me into the country as innocent of Department's warning about me as dangerously insane, proceeded to treat me as a genuine “terrorist suspect” in order to pursue their agenda – I flew out of China to Germany in hope of petitioning some human rights organization about my plight. That was already late January 2008. I gave up the idea when I discovered that our Secretary of Homeland Security had already obtained the cooperation of international law enforcement agencies to alert the institution that some “dangerously insane schizophrenic” was coming to petition about problems he had imagined up with his delusional head. It is at this point that Russia joined the lawsuit on China's side – the simple fact that my plane had to fly over Russia's territory in order to arrive in Germany had given Russia the right to join in. Russia also had an interest in getting United States convicted of violating Resolution 1373 and dethroning the United States from its leadership role in the UN. Both China and Russia had secretly hated the “War on Terror” because it really was just a pretext with which United States may grab the oil-rich Central Asia and Middle East away from them and surround both nations with military bases in preparation for World War III. Thus Russia was determined to help China subvert this “War on Terror” by getting United States labeled a “terrorism-sponsoring state”. Now, as the director of MSS was in jeopardy, the Russian intelligence came to his aid and thought themselves capable of rescuing him because, well, throughout 2006, the FBI had furnished the Russian government with even more information about my case.

Through various ingenious tricks the CIA was eventually able to prove to the satisfaction of the judges of the International Court that a “conspiracy” had existed between me and the Chinese intelligence. “Conspiracy” allowed the CIA to persuade the judges to suppress all the evidences which the MSS had presented – not just my story about what happened to me, but also other evidences which the MSS had used to establish my very identity legally in the International Court – so that now the MSS had no longer proof that I was even the very terrorist suspect named in the FBI's information who had once been sought for by the CIA. Now the CIA's lawyers would put forward United States' counter-scenario to win the case – a counter-scenario originally suggested by the then-Secretary: that I was actually not myself but a twin brother of myself, which explained why the person on FBI's information and the subject on DHS' false warning looked the same and yet were not the same person, freeing the United States from the charge of lying. Our Secretary's argument was that my older brother “David” was actually my twin brother and that I was David and not Lawrence. The counter scenario at once relieved the United States of violating Resolution 1373 and redeemed our Secretary from the infamy of deliberately lying to foreign government because he attributed “schizophrenia” to the twin brother of myself (David Chin) while admitting that my real self, Lawrence Chin, had indeed been mistaken as a terrorist suspect and sought for by the CIA. Eventually the counter scenario would evolve into a “conspiracy scenario” so that United States could prosecute the director of MSS in revenge: that the director of the MSS had actually planned a covert operation to defraud the International Court, which consisted in recruiting the schizophrenic twin brother of Lawrence Chin, David Chin, to pretend to be the terrorist suspect Lawrence Chin, entrapping the then-Secretary of DHS to confuse one with the other, and in this manner getting the United States fraudulently sued. In this way our Secretary of Homeland Security could redeem the reputation of himself and the United States while paving the way to prosecuting the director of the MSS through the international court system for a crime which the latter did not commit as a way to exact vengeance on him. Even though it was the then-Secretary who had lied, he was going to make it look as if it were the director of the MSS who had been lying and committing fraud all the way while he himself was merely the victim of a fraud. Before our Secretary and the CIA could embark on revenge, they would have to repel the Russians. Because the judges were now biased toward the United States after the dishonesty of the MSS director was exposed, the then-Secretary was able to commit various frauds and produce fake evidence demonstrating that I was also in conspiracy with Russian intelligence, which would oblige the Court to suppress all the evidences which the Russians had brought forward about me. Faced with United States team's magical ability to make up any evidences at will, the Russians withdrew from the lawsuit in March 2008.

Now that my plan to find refuge in China was completely foiled, and that the then-Secretary of DHS had sealed up all my avenues in Europe, I flew back to California on February 11, 2008. Our Secretary of DHS and the CIA would now spend the next six months ingeniously fabricating evidences to prove completely the “conspiracy scenario” to the judges of the International Court in order to obtain a full conviction of the director of MSS as a criminal under international laws. They wanted to “prove”, through surveillance on me, that, after the FBI mistakenly investigated Lawrence as a terrorist suspect and shared information from this investigation with the Chinese government, the MSS director devised this operation to defraud the International Court of Justice as a way to dethrone the United States in the United Nations, and sent agents to the United States to recruit me, the twin brother of Lawrence, to pretend to be Lawrence and fly to China. They also wanted to prove that I, as the twin brother of myself, was not only a bad-to-the-bone Aryan white supremacist schizophrenic just as Homeland Security had described me to the Chinese authority before the lawsuit commenced – in which case the United States may be further relieved of charges of intentionally lying about me – but worse: that I was a pedophile, an anti-American leftwing extremist, an antisocial personality, a sexual aggressor, and a habitual fraudster and identity thief, characteristics which would not only help render any words from me inadmissible in the International Court as evidence (pedophilia) but also explain my enthusiasm in participating in this Chinese intelligence operation which required me to assume another person's identity to defraud the Court (anti-Americanism, perpetual fraud). However, since I wasn't my own twin brother pretending to be myself (in fact, I had no twin brother at all) and had no connection with Chinese intelligence before I started my trip and after I came back, the then-Secretary of DHS and the CIA were basically faced with the task of fabricating surveillance which would somehow show that I was my own twin brother and an agent of China running around meeting other Chinese spies and conducting clandestine activities in the United States. For this purpose they would create a “faulty surveillance system”. It's kind of like: if the government wants to convict you of bank robbery, and yet you don't rob banks at all, what it has to do is to invent a mysterious and magical surveillance camera which can show you robbing a bank even though, when you walk into a bank, you are just withdrawing cash and have not robbed the bank at all!

The faulty surveillance system consisted of a “faulty surveillance Machine” which the CIA's lawyers had persuaded the judges of the International Court to install right inside the Court house. Right from the International Court, then, this faulty surveillance Machine would receive from all the surveillance devices planted around me the intercepts (videos, audio recordings) of my activities and interactions with others and synthesize them into a textual report of my doings. The text-based surveillance which this Machine produced would be so vague and confusing that nothing in it could be made out, but the then-Secretary of Homeland Security, assisted by the ingenious lawyers from the CIA who were so versed in word-juggling that they could convince you a pig was actually a horse, would be able to “interpret” out of the mumble-jumble the scenarios that I was here meeting a Chinese spy and there meeting my twin brother when I was simply meeting ordinary people or American agents or someone having the same name as I did. CIA's lawyers were also able to make various ingenious arguments to persuade the judges that I be blacked out in the surveillance intercepts thus submitted to the International Court as evidence – even though I was supposed to be the central character of the surveillance. Our Homeland Security Secretary and the CIA would then instruct all the people I would interact with – from my family members through my social acquaintances to public personnel – to talk to me or about me as if I were the antisocial and schizophrenic Nazi fraudster in the foregoing profile, for the purpose of being intercepted by surveillance. As long as people were instructed to either talk about me as if I were a different person that fit the foregoing profile, it would appear in the intercept as if I were really this other, preconstructed cartoon figure, since my side of the interaction could not be seen. The black-out in the surveillance presented as “evidence” also allowed for a second technique, namely, orchestrated confusion and mistake in the identity of the persons described in the intercepts. People in my vicinity were also instructed to talk bad things just as an antisocial and schizophrenic Nazi fraudster would and, when the conversation got intercepted, the Machine would purposely make mistake and confuse me with the other persons actually talking so as to end up with “evidence” that I was the one who had said the bad things. The confusion would not be visible to the judges, because they could never see anything in the intercepts anyway!

The result for me is that I would have to be trapped in a strangest sort of “twilight zone”. It was just like the movie “The Truman Show” from many years ago, where the main character was living without being so told in a TV show and surrounded by actors and actresses acting out a show for a live audience, save that, in this show – in my show – the main character was frequently blacked out to prevent his true self from being seen and that the audience in this show, the judges at the International Court of Justice, were supposed to believe that they were not watching a TV show but reality. My life had thus become a live reality TV show for some international audience hidden in a secret court house. The problem is that, in order to produce a TV show about a bad-to-the-bone schizophrenic, pedophilic, and white supremacist Chinese spy who was assuming the identity of his twin brother, the people around me were constantly taught to accuse me of seeing things that were not there or harassing them or snooping on their children or to suspect me of spying on things when I was doing none of these things. As long as the judges didn't know these people were acting and couldn't see me in my own show, they would believe that these people were describing reality – and yet the people around me were really talking about a non-existent reality. It is as if everyone around me had suddenly and simultaneously suffered mental deficiency and could no longer perceive reality correctly. In other words, all the people around me were pretending to be mentally confused in order to make me appear insane and bad-to-the-bone to the judges!

With such magical system to conduct surveillance on a reality which had never existed and with my entrapment among well-trained actors and actresses, the United States was able by August 2008 to “collect” all the evidences it needed to prove the aforementioned “conspiracy scenario” and thereby convict the MSS director and his organization – the principal foreign intelligence organ of People's Republic of China – of the vile crime of attempting to alter UN dynamics and conduct the most massive espionage in history by defrauding the International Court system. Following new international laws developed just because of this scandal, the International Court ordered that China permanently forfeit its foreign intelligence organ to the victim of its fraud, the United States – all in secret. This is something so significant in international relations but which no one has known about: that, for two years, 2008 and 2009, China's once fearsome spy agency the Ministry of State Security was actually under the command of the United States Secretary of Homeland Security, and not working for China's president at all! All because China has lost a court battle in the International Court of Justice! No one knows that, when anyone heard in 2008 and 2009 the Chinese intelligence did something bad, it was in fact the Americans – the then-Secretary of Homeland Security in particular – who had commanded them to do it, usually just in order to make themselves look bad in the eyes of the world!

This is the part I'm sure of. What I'm also sure of, though I know not the details, is that, as part of the reparation which China was to make to the United States, the Chinese government had to open up many “secret boxes” within its various departments, military or civilian, for the Americans and their allies to do “research” in them. What I'm not sure of is how many other departments of the Chinese government may have been framed for this same conspiracy and thus also fallen under American command, and to what extent China, as part of its reparation to the United States, was forced to side with the United States in UN Security Council and in other contexts of international relations on issues in regard to which China would otherwise not side with the United States. I'm just sure that both of these must have occurred, so that more and more China was becoming a colony of the United States just as it once was a colony of Western powers during the 19th century – all because it was convicted of a nasty fraud in the International Court. More importantly, the reparation was to remain in secret. China's conviction, although it was mostly kept out of the knowledge of the common people, at least the government elites around the world knew about. When it came to China's reparation to the United States, it might have been kept in such secrecy – at the request of the United States – that not even the elites outside China and the West would know what it consisted of. This is how the neocons wanted it: While the rest of the world, ignorant of this lawsuit, continued in their Sinophobic paranoia that China was growing so powerful as to be on the verge of conquering America, in reality, China had not only lost its chief spy organ, but United States was able to acquire influence deep inside the Chinese government itself. China was increasingly becoming America's puppet, and yet no one knew that China was no longer its own self. Throughout 2008, and until the end of 2009, Russia was consequently becoming increasingly isolated in the UN Security Council. Before, Russia could count on China allying with Russia on a range of key issues. Now China, half under American command, had to ally with the Western powers on every issue in the competition between the Western powers and Russia.

Even though Russia had withdrawn from the lawsuit, our Secretary of Homeland Security, once he had wreaked his vengeance the most complete on the director of Chinese intelligence and convicted the Chinese intelligence, proceeded to sue Russia – with the backing of the CIA. That was September 2008. He was now expanding his “conspiracy scenario” to argue that the Russian intelligence was Chinese intelligence's co-conspirator in recruiting the twin brother of Lawrence Chin to pretend to be Lawrence Chin in a criminal plan to falsely convict the United States in the International Court of Justice and foil United States' preeminence in the UN. Now that it had been announced throughout UN that he had never lied to the Chinese about a terrorist suspect in contradiction to his reputation as the tough tzar in the fight against terrorism, it of course gnawed at him that the Russian charge that he had lied about a terrorist suspect in violation of international agreement had never been resolved in his favor. Russia had merely withdrawn, but was not defeated. It's time to resolve the issue. But he had another motive as well. For those of you who do not know about this: the Russian foreign intelligence service SVR is the best in the world; they are far more sophisticated than the CIA. The SVR's ability to clandestinely infiltrate Western societies is almost magical and its spies are the most dedicated and disciplined in the world. (I have seen some of the spies, the “fake Americans”, whom the SVR employed to infiltrate the American society at various levels. These “fake Americans”, often as young as in their 20s, looked indistinguishably from ordinary Caucasian Americans and spoke American English without any accent – you will never guess they were Russian until Russian flew out of their mouth. This, in addition to the fact that the SVR employed the most sophisticated make-up skill in the world to change the appearance of their operatives; the “fake fat” added to alter appearance looked and felt exactly the same as “real fat”.) Our Secretary of Homeland Security had by now developed such obsession with the intelligence business – with the devious methods of intelligence services to clandestinely frame and ruin anyone without the world's knowing – that he absolutely coveted the possession of Russian intelligence the best in this dirty trade. With the CIA clandestine service at his disposal and China's Ministry of State Security under his command, the possession of the Russian intelligence would make him the definitive master of planet earth – and all in secret! He just needed to frame the Russian intelligence for the same crime of which he had just convicted the Chinese intelligence by producing as evidence the same faulty surveillance showing me to be a Russian agent as well. He proceeded to manipulate my environment and puppeteer the people around me to produce the evidences he wanted, and I became his patsy in this project to conquer the Russian foreign intelligence service SVR.

With the faulty surveillance system installed right in the International Court, it was of course easy for him to prove that the “conspiracy scenario”, or the “conspiracy” against United States, extended to Russia as well. The faulty surveillance Machine had by now been clandestinely configured so magically that all our Secretary had to do was send CIA agents to run into me and the surveillance would somehow show me meeting with Russian secret agents. The battle was in fact not all that smooth for him, but I'll not get into the details here. I will just tell you that, finally, with CIA's help – without the CIA clandestine service he couldn't have done it – our (by now former) Secretary of Homeland Security at last succeeded in March 2009 in convicting the Russian intelligence of the crime of sending a terrorist suspect's twin brother to pretend to be the terrorist suspect as a way to fraudulently sue the United States in International Court.

I cannot overstate to you how frantic the Russian government was during the months of March and April of 2009. People don't know this – our Napolitano and Democrats were only nominally in power in the new Obama administration; our former Secretary of Homeland Security was still running from behind the scene the Homeland Security clandestine unit he had personally built up. Now he and his CIA partners got the legal rights to take over the command of the Russian SVR, to rummage through all the secrets the most secretive Russian spy organ was hiding from the world, and to take over its spy network around the world. Furthermore, the Russian government would have to grant a variety of concessions to the United States – and all this in secret. Russia was about to become like China the secret puppet of the United States. The Russian government was desperate for chances to gather counter evidences showing that I was no twin brother of myself, had not been a Russian agent, and had not been running around in California conducting operations for the Russian intelligence. The Russian government knew that something was very wrong with the surveillance which the faulty surveillance Machine was producing right inside the Court house – that it could not possibly be showing reality. Yet, I was in the United States, so that the Machine was the only source of information to which the judges had access about what I was doing each day. Just at that moment, in late March 2009, I ran to San Francisco to file a lawsuit against the Russian spy chief under one of those derivatives of the Alien Tort Claim Act. Included in the lawsuit was a ton of “proofs” about who I really was and documentaries of what had really happened to me – how I was systematically framed to look like a Russian spy in faulty surveillance. It was just the sort of information which the Russian government needed, and furthermore, since I was in San Francisco – one of the five cities in the US where Russia had its consulates – the Russian diplomatic service could request surveillance on me, and, for once, the Russian team in the International Court could present to the judges a different version of reality which contradicted the reality shown by the faulty surveillance Machine. But the CIA was always able to further exploit the Machine and its command of the Chinese intelligence to magically produce fake evidences showing that my lawsuit was actually a Sino-Russian intelligence operation to defraud the International Court, so that eventually all the new evidences which the Russian team had brought in were suppressed on ground of “conspiracy” with me. Months passed by and it all seemed that there was no way for the Russian intelligence to save themselves from their conviction. (I'm skipping over a lot of ups and downs in this beginning of the battle “Saving Russia”.) By July, however, we would both discover that there was a way for the Russian team to enter the information they had gathered from me into the International Court as evidence – if I would be actively helping the United States harm Russia. I thus put up an appearance while under Russian surveillance of conspiring with the CIA in a plan to fraudulently sue Russia in the International Court. (This act was possible thanks to the stream of CIA agents whom our former Secretary of DHS sent to my surrounding to produce surveillance showing me meeting with Russian agents!) Suddenly, the Russian intelligence was able to introduce evidence about who I really was into the International Court and establish legally a “reverse conspiracy scenario”: that I was really myself the terrorist suspect pretending to be my twin brother pretending to be myself in order for the United States to fraudulently convict Russia of the crime of which it had been falsely convicted! In order for this “reverse conspiracy scenario” to work, I would have to fly to Nicaragua – an ally of Russia – and I did so. That was August 2009. By the end of 2009, when I had come back, the “reverse conspiracy scenario” had been enough established that, not only was the earlier judgment against Russia reversed and Russian intelligence freed up from United States' command, but, in accordance with the international laws developed in this case, the Russian intelligence began taking command of the CIA!

These new international laws which I don't have the time to explain here allowed for the victim of the conspiracy to command the conspirators to continue expanding the conspiracy as if it were a sting operation conducted by an intelligence agency during the course of an ordinary terrorism investigation. The Russian intelligence was thus able to command one department after another of the United States' government, and one ally after another of the United States, to run “reverse conspiracy” with me so that the Russians may take command of these departments and nations and begin rummaging through their secrets. The Russians rummaged through all the secrets of the Pentagon, all the secrets of NATO, and all the secret databases of the intelligence agencies of Western European nations, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. Most importantly, when the Russians took over the United States' system through which our former DHS Secretary and the CIA were able to commit frauds and produce all the fake evidences to convict Russia, they discovered just how far this frauds could have gone – which included the horrifying components of an “utopia” which the neocons had planned.

The Russians later “told” me – in the typical metaphorical way of spy communication – that “Russia has saved the world”. It could only mean that the neocon plan perpetrated through this fraud in the International Court must have been really terrifying. I have eventually developed a hypothesis as to what the “plan” may have been based on a series of hints that I have been given. I'll tell you here but remember that it is not something I'm entirely sure of – unlike the events I have told you in the foregoing which have unfolded before my eyes. I myself have confidence in my belief because the international laws in this case require that I share the knowledge of the “plan” with my “co-conspirators” (like our former DHS Secretary) in order for the “plan” to be established as part of the conspiracy to harm Russia. In order for the Russians to benefit as “victim of the conspiracy” they would thus have to command my “co-conspirators” to impart to me the correct knowledge.

The US government (most likely DARPA) had by 2008 developed a variety of microchips or nanochips to implant inside the human brain. In the most extreme case, a combination of these chips implanted into a person's brain can allow those in the control center to remotely control the subject without his being able to resist in any way at all. The person implanted with the chips would thus be reduced to a robot remotely controlled by some powerful figures hidden behind the scene somewhere. The remotely controlled person would look so natural that nobody would be able to tell he was no longer himself but was being remotely controlled to perform his actions. In fact, the remotely controlled person himself wouldn't know it unless he was told about it.

The “fraud” is supposedly something like this. Remember that, in this case, the result for those convicted of “conspiracy” with me is not jail time but merely falling under the command of the supposed victim of the “conspiracy”. Thus, nobody in the Chinese intelligence has gone to jail after the spy organ was convicted of the vile crime of conspiracy with me to defraud the International Court. To enforce the judgment of the Court, our former DHS Secretary and the CIA, under the direction of their boss (our former Vice President), had persuaded the International Court to install a specialized chamber in the Court room which all those convicted of the conspiracy to defraud the Court would have to pass through and wherein they would be forcibly implanted with the nanochips to allow the Americans to from then on remotely control them. This was supposedly what happened to the director of the MSS – the first remotely controlled robot to walk out of the International Court in September 2008. He returned to his post in the Chinese government as the ultimate mole which the United States and its allies could place within the Chinese government, and no one in the Chinese government at the time knew that he was no longer himself but everyone just thought that he had to obey the orders which the Westerners gave him. Supposedly those in the government of the United States and its allies who had been so angry with him, and especially our former Secretary of Homeland Security, wreaked their vengeance on him by remotely controlling him to engage himself in all sorts of criminal and embarrassing acts as a way to bring infamy upon himself and upon China. The MSS director would have suffered so horrendously since he would constantly do things to bring pain and troubles to himself without knowing why he did them. He would be conscious, but he would not know why he exposed himself in public, tried to kill people, got into brawls, or banged his head on the wall. Supposedly our former DHS Secretary would laugh in his secret corner happy that the man who had exposed him as a hypocrite was now known to the elites of the world to be such an anti-social jerk without anyone knowing that it was actually he who was remotely controlling the “jerk” to act like that.

The plan of our former Secretary and his “boss” was supposedly to make as many Chinese and Russian government officials as possible pass through this specialized chamber and become their personal remotely controlled robots. Without the world's knowing, important elements inside the Chinese and Russian government would then be American moles. The neocons could then remotely control the Chinese and Russian government to take gradual steps toward the initiation of World War III – and the rest of the world would think that the resultant nuclear holocaust was the fault of the evil Chinese and Russians.

Supposedly the neocons (like our former Vice President) had been developing plans for World War III – namely war with China and Russia to eliminate these two remaining powers which could challenge Western hegemony – to thoroughly reduce human population and destroy the planet so as to clear the ground for the construction of a perfect new society, an utopia. It was to initiate this plan that 911 attacks were planned as the catalyst, which would be a pretext with which to invade the Middle East and Central Asia, not only in order to grab up as much of the remaining oil reserve as possible, but, ultimately, to provoke Russia and China into nuclear warfare with the United States. All this is in response to the coming Peak Oil Crisis: when oil is used up, we will not have energy to get the earth to support more than 6 billion people. Without the energy released by fossil fuel, the earth has a carrying capacity for only about 1 billion people. While depopulation is thus necessary, the Western “elites” wanted also to use this opportunity to build the utopia they had been dreaming of.

The original neocon plan seems to have been to provoke China and Russia into a “first strike” by continually placing American troops as close to two countries' borders as possible and by bombing their neighbors like Iran with nuclear bombs. Now, it must have been this “original plan” – along with Western alliance's operational plans in China – which the MSS director had sued out of the secret box of the United States in November 2007 and brought to the UN. Insofar as this kind of information revealed just what sort of aggressor the United States the supposed leading defender of freedom and human rights around the globe really was, you can imagine the embarrassment of the United States in the UN Security Council. All this explained the extraordinary antagonism which the former Vice President along with the rest of the Western world exhibited toward our MSS director. The MSS director had exposed them all as the ultimate hypocrites. After they had reduced the MSS director to their personal remotely controlled robot for daring to embarrass them like this, the neocon clique (our former Vice President and former DHS Secretary) had supposedly decided to carry out their plan for the remake of the planet by means of that “specialized chamber” in the International Court of Justice. And now they got busted by the Russians – and this is supposedly how “Russia has saved the world”.

Please pay careful attention to my use of the adverb “supposedly”. It means I am speculating here based on the “hints” which the Russians have commanded to be communicated to me – “hints” because all the communications have been signals, metaphors, and riddles to avoid my recording them as evidence. I'm absolutely sure of the outlines of the lawsuit because I personally suffered the operations; but I have never been inside the Court room myself and seen all these secret plans myself nor witnessed what our Secretary had done to his Chinese foe. His secret command of the Chinese intelligence I'm sure of because I saw how he used Chinese spies on me and I understood the international laws developed in this case.

Now the Russians wanted to legally own these technologies of microchips (or nanochips) and prosecute our DHS Secretary for these. In order for this to happen, the technology had to “completely” participate in my conspiracy with our former Secretary to harm Russia through the International Court system. In other words, it would have to be used on me. The Russians thus commanded Homeland Security to send agents to clandestinely implant one of those invented microchips into my head while I was asleep. That was late December 2009. I have never seen it, and I wouldn't know about it until months later. And I would not know what it looked like and how to find it.

Let me first briefly describe the working of the set of chips in “the most extreme case” -- for the chip which was supposedly planted inside me constituted a sub-portion of it. In the “most extreme case”, a first chip, when inserted into the person's head, would induce the person into the schizophrenic state of command hallucination. Another chip which accompanies it would transmit voices from the command center to the person in order for him to confuse it as voices coming from his own hallucination. Under the delirious state of command hallucination, he would then do anything the voices were telling him to do. If the US government controller's voice tells him to bang his head against the wall, that's exactly what he will do. Another chip would scan the functional parts of the person's brain and transmit the results back to the control center in order for the personnel there to also see what the person sees and read what the person thinks. This is supposedly the chip with which I have been implanted.

This microchip (or nanochip) which should be inside my head allows the computer inside the control center far away to read my thoughts so accurately that the personnel there seems able to read from the computer screen what I am thinking even before I formulate the thought in actual sentences, and it matters not whether I think in this language or that. Furthermore, it seems that they are able to see on their computer screen the precise images which I'm seeing -- in which case I have become a walking surveillance camera for them -- or which I'm simply picturing to myself in my head. Note what I'm saying here about the interface between my thoughts and a computer, that those in the control center (ultimately, the Russians) simply programmed a computer to read my thoughts and to direct me to do things so that everything was automatic, sparing themselves the effort to monitor me 24/7. The amazing thing about this chip is that, when it is allowed to work reversely supposedly through the switch of the diode on it, to stimulate parts of my brain instead of reading off the stimulation in my brain, the control center can also remotely control me to do simple things. I have been remotely controlled to cough, to dip ashes from cigarettes, to scratch myself, to feel sting at places on my body, to be plagued by migraine headaches, to be cured from headaches, etc. (Usually it is the victors in the trial commanding my conspirators to remotely control me to do these worthless things in order to produce instances of my being telepathically directed by my conspirators as a way to allow them to convict my conspirators of “conspiracy” with me to defraud the Court.) Now normally I wouldn't even be able to distinguish that I have been remotely controlled to cough and to scratch my head because the remotely induced coughing and scratching felt exactly the same as “natural” coughing and scratching, and this is probably because the remotely controlled physiological functions utilize the same neurological pathways as do the natural ones. (When I was remotely controlled to do slightly more complex things like dipping cigarette ashes, however, I did feel a slight difference in my action.)

I have seen people -- like my best friend -- who have been implanted with a fourth chip which allows the control center to control their physiology in such a way that the personnel in the control center can remotely “talk through them” -- presumably, when the personnel in the control center talks into a microphone, the machinery there would translate the voices into signals which it transmits to the chip inside my best friend's head to activate it to stimulate his neuro-pathways in such a way that he will, despite himself, repeat what the personnel has just said into the microphone. My best friend would be fully conscious when this was happening, he would simply feel a force was inside him causing him to speak certain words despite himself. Again, the process was so natural that no one can tell that my best friend was actually talking for someone else in some other unseen place. After knowing him for more than a decade, I only noticed that his choice of words and manner of speaking were a bit odd, and that he suddenly was able to pronounce German words of which he was before incapable having only gone through an introductory German course more than 10 years ago.

I have speculated upon the details of the “utopia” based on what I have seen of the American technology which the Russians have commanded to be used on me and what I know of the value system of these elites. What the neocons, along with other elites of the West, valued most, was order. The utopia they had been dreaming of was a society which was so well coordinated among its parts as to function in perfect smoothness and efficiency like a well-made machine. The elites hated the freedom granted by the Western political traditions to the common people because, being stupid and selfish and lacking the ability to understand “the bigger picture”, the common people, when they acted freely, were only going to get in the way of the “greater good” and create much social disorders. And yet the common people have been used to liberty and human rights and would not voluntarily give up their freedom “for the greater good of the whole”. The difficulty in political science has always been how to balance between freedom and order. Implantable microchips are the ultimate solution. When the world is rebuilt from the ashes of World War III – a much smaller world, with just the right number of people (1 billion) supportable by an earth with no more fossil fuel – it would presumably be a microchipped society under an one-world government. A microchip shall supposedly be implanted into the brain of every single person to allow his or her thoughts to be read. Of course the government (the new One World Government) wouldn't have enough man power to read the thoughts of every single citizen 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Instead, the government shall program a most sophisticated giant computer to access the thoughts of the hundreds of millions of people who still remain in this new utopia. It's not just that the giant computer will intercept all thoughts of the common people and “flag” it when a person is “thinking incorrectly” – like how NSA's Echelon will “flag” when you make threats over the phone. It's about controlling your thoughts. This computer will have the power to collect all the thoughts read from the chips inside the head of everyone and, mapping out their desires and priorities, then coordinate their free wills in such a way that the final outcome of their actions together would be a predetermined one, namely the “script” which the elites will have written. That is to say, everyone will be remotely controlled to play out the daily life of the utopia predetermined by the elites. Remember that, to remotely control people in this way, you would not need to use the chip to reduce all of them to the state of command hallucination: the simple switch of the diode on the thought-reading microchip would suffice.

There is more to this utopian design than the use of microchips to coordinate the disparate actions of individuals. When the Russians rummaged through the “secret box” of the Pentagon, their jaws must have dropped over all the Sci-Fi-like projects that were in the works. This I'm sure of, because the next thing they proceeded to do was to command the United States to use the Sci-Fi technology on me so that they may “own” it – by virtue of its becoming part of the “conspiracy” between me and the United States to harm Russia. The technology which the Russians commanded United States to use on me next was nothing short of a complete “mechanization of nature”. I would have a hard enough time convincing you that my experience has taught me that the control centers which the United States government has built all over the nation have the ability to remotely control every single electronic device in the country – from your personal computer to your cellphone to the ticket machine in the metro station. What I'm referring to here is a technology by which those in the control center could actually remotely control every single movement in what you think is the natural environment. By January 2010 I would notice that the weather above me and the falling of leaves were being remotely controlled from the control center inside the Court house. Those in the control center (ultimately the Russians) could cause the wind to blow on me at the whim of their will, and direct an exact number of leaves (even just one leaf) to fall from the tree in front of me when I happened to say something “right” – the Russians would command our former Secretary to remotely direct “one leaf” to fall on me at this specific instant of my speaking in order to produce evidence for his directing me as to how to run our conspiracy against the Russians. Even the animals and insects in my environment had all been “chipped” so that those in the command center could remotely cause the birds to fly when I said something “right” or dogs to bark or run. At the time (January 2010) the Russians were using the technology for the mechanization of nature and the remote control of human beings to build a signal system for me under the guise of producing evidence for my conspiracy with our former Homeland Security Secretary. They commanded our Secretary to take the giant computer out of the Pentagon, place it in the Court, and program it to remotely direct the movement of people, animal, and natural phenomena in my environment to correspond to my words and thoughts as a way to signal to me when I did something “right” to continue the “conspiracy” (in order for the Russians to bust us!) or understood the right scenario about neocons' plan, for example, all the while the evidentiary record would consider these signals as instances of my “conspiring” with our former Secretary. (The Russians were basically stuffing me with secrets so that they may bust the United States while completely getting away with it.) It's easy to see that the Russians were adapting to this purpose of winning the court case the technology which the US government originally developed to run the “utopia.” With the technology for the mechanization of nature and the remote control of human beings the neocons were making themselves into God. They were doing nothing other than follow in the footsteps of Western elites in general who have been dreaming of their own “deification” through technology. And no one will never notice that everything he or she does or encounters in this utopia has been preordained by some unseen human beings hiding in a control center. If the elites feed into the giant computer a script “There shall be every month 250 automobile accidents with 12 fatalities, birthrate shall be 2.1 babies per woman” the giant computer will coordinate every person's movement and every movement in the weather, etc., to produce exactly 250 accidents with 12 fatalities a month, and will coordinate every person's desires and movement to result in exactly 2.1 babies born from each woman – all with pinpoint accuracy. Everyone will however live on believing that everything that has happened is “natural” – because the nanochips are so well designed that the implantee cannot tell the difference between his or her “natural” thoughts and thoughts which are remotely controlled. People will have the illusion of their free will. This is neocons' utopia. A society which functions entirely orderly, efficiently, and rationally (according to a predetermined “rational plan”) – like a ticking clock, a big machine – is thus realized despite ordinary people's natural inclination to resist any orderly formation of their life against their will. This is utopia in the absolute sense because people are controlled like robots down to the last details of their life and yet they are happy and feel themselves “free”. When the society is secretly run by a computer from behind the scene, a perfect balance between freedom and order will have been achieved.

Again, although I'm sure of the working of the microchips and the “mechanization of nature” – because I have seen and experienced it myself – the plan of genocide and utopia is “speculation” – derived from signals and riddles which the Russians had commanded in order to expand my “conspiracy” with former Secretary. I'm sure that something like what I have just speculated is in neocons' plan even if I have not speculated entirely correctly. And it is either because the CIA was caught participating in a “crime” of such proportion, or because they thought the Agency was going to fall permanently under Russian command just as the Chinese MSS had become a permanent possession of the United States, or both, that, when the pretty girls of the CIA clandestine service were sent by the Russians to show up in front of me to run more “conspiracies” with me as a way to increase our crime against Russia – it was now early January 2010 – they all showed up with extremely sorrowful faces. The selfishness of these CIA folks couldn't have been more manifested. The Chinese assault on them in November 2007 was the greatest disaster they had ever faced, for the MSS director was clearly attempting to destroy the CIA once and for all through this bogus “terrorism” case. They fought back and completely destroyed the Chinese intelligence instead. They were “pissed”, but then they tried to do onto the Russian SVR the same thing which the Chinese had tried on them – to destroy their old Russian foes once and for all through some bogus “fake terrorism case”. That was okay, but when the Russians fought back and were about to destroy them – within just two years they were facing the greatest disaster in their history once more! – these CIA folks panicked and cheated and moaned in so undignified a manner. Even the Chinese intelligence folks accepted their fate quietly when they had to go permanently under American command. I tell you, although the CIA hardly matched the SVR in sophistication, they far surpassed the Russians in narcissism in thinking of themselves as the most important and deserving people on the planet. I felt so sorry for the CIA that I tried to “signal” to the Russians that, perhaps, we could forget about the Agency and just focus on our common arch enemy former DHS Secretary. The Russians were quite okay with that. In fact, the onslaught of the Russians seems to have terribly split up the US government itself. I have mentioned that the change of administration in early 2009 was only an appearance insofar as our former Secretary was in fact still in command of Homeland Security. It would seem that our former Vice President, the boss of the neocon clique, was actually still running the US government from behind the scene, using Obama as a mere front. This should not be surprising. When you think about the domineering personality of our former Vice President, do you really expect him to allow himself to be swept away by “democratic” process? How he had maintained control over the new administration I can't say for sure. I have this terrible impression, induced by the course of the lawsuit, that he simply had all these top Democrats in the new administration “chipped” so as to render them his remotely controlled robots. But of course this scenario is so outrageous that I myself have difficulty in articulating it, and I don't think that, even if this has been the case, our President and Mrs Secretary of State will ever admit it to you. My suspicion is thus unfalsifiable and unverifiable. What I'm somewhat sure of is that the Russians must have “liberated” the Obama administration from the grip of former Vice President (if they had been “chipped” then the Russians would have “removed the chips inside their head”). Once that was done, the Russians would then offer the Democrats a deal, so that the Democrats would ally with the Russians instead in this lawsuit. Then, by late January 2010, the CIA accepted the deal also and defected to the Russian side. The lawsuit between the United States and Russia in the International Court of Justice had thus morphed into a trial in which United States and Russia tried jointly to prosecute a small team of “conspirators” composed of our former Secretary of DHS and his boss (the Vice President).

I'm going to skip over the extraordinary episode of how France in January 2010 sent a team of the smartest woman officers from the DGSE and Ministry of Defense to Los Angeles to fight the Russian team on the side of our former Secretary, but shall note simply that Russia finally completely won the lawsuit in February 2010 – the International Court, which by this time was completely under Russian control, issued then the judgment that I had conspired with the former Secretary of DHS to pretend to be my non-existent twin brother and a Russian agent as a way to allow him to falsely convict Russia and advance a wide variety of interests against Russia in a plan that could only be characterized as “genocidal”. For a brief moment, Russia was the definitive master of the whole planet. There was not a single secret hidden in the “secret boxes” of the Western alliance somewhere which the Russians didn't know about. The SVR was in temporary command of the intelligence agencies of all Western nations plus Poland, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. (I'm skipping over a lot of details; the whole picture is more complex: for example, it was more like the SVR commanding the CIA commanding the SVR, the earlier command structure having been subsumed within the new one.) All the Chinese departments which were under American command were by extension also under Russian command.

This is not my speculation but something I'm absolutely sure of. Russia's temporary control of the entire Western alliance during the early months of 2010 was the greatest event in international relations and yet was something no one outside the circles of the elites knows anything about. This is how pathetic ordinary people have become in this post-modern world: they don't even know who is running the show.

What happened later I will only quickly summarize – it's not my main objective here. As my “conspirator” our former Secretary was now held in wait of another trial of prosecution at the same International Court. In order to perfect the prosecution, the United States and Russia – now united on the same side of the prosecutor – decided on a plan of wholesale replacement of the previous evidentiary record. This is another strange law which had developed out of my case but which I have not the space to explain. The “prosecuting team” – instead of United States vs Russia, we have, during this “prosecution phase” of 2010, the “prosecuting team” vs “defense team” as the parties of the lawsuit – was allowed to produce new evidences out of me to replace older evidences so as to alter the official record of what had happened – to “change the past”, in other words. They wanted to change the story of how this lawsuit had started so that, in the new story, no details could be found which could remotely hint that I was in conspiracy with the Russians and not in conspiracy with our former Secretary – that I was merely putting up an act of conspiring with our former Secretary and the CIA in order to enable the Russians to bust us all. For this end, they planned to set me up with the daughter of a Mexican royal to play out the new evidentiary record. The Mexican royal would however have none of this and instead tampered with the thought-reading machine in the Court house to which I was hooked to forge evidence slandering me as Russia hating, retarded, autistic, schizophrenic, and violently dangerous. He thought he could alienate the Russians from me and persuade them to “choose someone else” for his daughter, but he was caught. The defense team defending our former Secretary then filed perjury charges against the prosecuting team in hope of freeing him and reversing the earlier International Court judgments issued against France and other Western “conspiratorial nations” – for this Mexican royal was on the side of the prosecuting team. The Russians denied perjury and installed the Mexican royal as the leader of the prosecuting team, hiring an expert psychologist to devise mental torture, effected through my environment, in order to turn me into the degraded person of the profile forged by the Mexican royal. It was the same modus operandi of our former Secretary: when the evidence forged didn't conform to reality, change reality so that it would conform to your evidence. In this way Russia and the United States may be shielded from the charge of perjury raised by the defense team. The denial of perjury became especially important when more and more parties (mostly Western European nations plus Turkey) joined in on defendant's side during the summer of 2010 to object to the former International Court's judgment. The evidentiary process – because it has always been about manipulating me to conform to the scenarios argued by whichever party rather than about gathering evidences about me – has caused me tremendous disability and hardship. I would have to be provoked by operations to get myself in troubles and arrested in order to conform to the forged profile, even though eventually I never did allow myself to get into big enough trouble that would allow myself to be arrested. Eventually, by November 2010, just when it looked impossible to make me conform to the forged profile about me – just when the charge of perjury simply couldn't be denied – the prosecuting team was able to make the whole failed prosecution into a “conspiracy between me and the defendant to rig the trial”, so that the prosecution could restart anew and continue until recently, prosecuting both conspiracies (the original conspiracy to falsely convict Russia through the International Court and the new conspiracy to free the defendant and reverse the earlier International Court judgment). The whole of 2011 would thus be another phase of prosecution, fixing the evidence to determine once and for all the “crimes” of the conspirators in both conspiracies.

I have mentioned the “secret deals” which Russia has made with the Democrats and the CIA in January 2010 to allow the latter to come to Russia's side instead. I want to elaborate a little on this. The strategy of the wise Prime Minister of Russia back in January 2010 has been not to push for a conviction of the United States – either for violating Resolution 1373 or for defrauding the International Court to accomplish nefarious genocidal purposes – but to secretly negotiate with the Democrats in back door deals such that Russia could get what it needed in exchange for absolving the United States of the crimes it had committed. What the United States worried the most about was to be suddenly exposed as a hypocrite and lose its moral authority in international relations (its “soft power”) – and yet this was just what the MSS director had tried to do. Our PM of Russia was not going to make the same mistake. He was going to pacify the giant rather than forcing it to fight for its life. The number one priority of the United States was to perpetuate the myth that United States was the champion of democracy and human rights around the world and that it had been the victim of terrorism. As long as the Russian Prime Minister did not expose United States' true intention to conquer the world, dominate the weak, and obliterate the peoples and civilizations it did not like – and as long as he didn't bring to the UN proofs that United States had been the master commander of Muslim terrorists around the world, usually through the medium of the Pakistani ISI – as long as he agreed to perpetuate the myth of the United States as the “good guy”, the Democrats would agree to any secret concessions to Russia. Russian PM would then push for the same back door negotiation with other “conspirator nations”, especially the Western European nations. Insofar as Russia was in control of the International Court, it could easily absolve the conspirator nations by producing new evidences out of me – with the same faulty methods which the former Secretary of DHS and the CIA had employed – to replace the previous evidences, such that eventually a new, and different, narrative could be constructed to replace the original narrative describing my conspiracy with the CIA, former Secretary, and all the conspirator nations to defraud the International Court and harm Russia – a new narrative about my conspiracy with the former Secretary of DHS in which the other conspirators would somehow not be involved. All those European nations (from France to Poland) which have participated in neocons' plan to secretly take over the Russian government through the International Court and command the Russian government to do the evil things they themselves have wanted to do – all these nations, after negotiating with Russia, would be pardoned by the PM of Russia and have their “crimes” erased. In the same manner, the CIA had by late 2010 also been extricated from any crime of conspiracy with me. The CIA would come out clean of any crimes it had formerly committed. The wise and moderate Russian PM then decided to secretly dissolve this whole scandal in the International Court, as if nothing had ever happened. After the prosecution was saved, and as a new prosecution was in progress throughout 2011, he commanded new evidences to be produced out of me such that even the conviction of China in August 2008 would be completely dissolved. He clearly wanted to “liberate” China from the yoke of secret foreign command. The entire story of how this biggest lawsuit in world history has come about and progressed has been changed. For this reason, even if you have access to the secret evidentiary record of the International Court in this case, you may find several versions of the lawsuits I'm referring to here – the Russians and the Democrats may have decided to construct several versions of the story for different purposes – and yet none of the versions will be like the version I'm telling you here. I don't know what these “official versions” say, I just know that they will tell very different stories than the story I'm telling you here.

I'm absolutely sure of the existence of these secret deals, and yet the effect of this knowledge is my complete loss of confidence and interest in the media (TV, newspapers, magazines, and even the Internet) and my sense of total alienation, that I have been cut off from the reality and world view which everyone else shares. Very little information out in the public domain just seems to be true. My distrust of the public domain has begun since my first encounter with the CIA, and has now become absolute. The CIA clandestine service which I have personally encountered is just nothing like what has been described in public discourse. All their strange methods aside, they seem to have little to do with “Langley”. Their “headquarter” lies elsewhere. They run themselves and set their own agendas, independent of some “director of the CIA” whom we are told about by our respectable news outlets; some times I wonder if the “director of the CIA” is just a nominal head, a “spokesperson”, a public face, and no more. People do not “apply” to get in; if they want you, they'll come get you. And when they recruit you, they recruit at the same time every single significant person in your life so that you will never have a life outside them. They are most expert in screwing people up, here and abroad, rather than “gathering intelligence”; even less are they concerned with “catching terrorists”. They are overwhelmingly Democrats. The majority of the “CIA agents” I have met are females, usually attractive and white; some times black and Asian. The girl is usually a graduate student in the humanities. I have read Lindsay Moran's “Blowing My Cover” and Valerie Plame's “Fair Game”. I tell you, the stories they tell you about the CIA must have been so watered down that they might as well be called fiction. They are to reality what movies are to the books on which they are supposedly “based”. These “memoirs” purposely portray the Agency as stupid government bureaucrats in order to hide from you the true degree of their sophistication. The CIA clandestine service really looks more like a secret society than a government bureaucracy. The only trustworthy information about Moran and Plame is their look, education, and family background: pretty white girls with a liberal education in good colleges whose family has had something to do with the government – these are the most typical “CIA spies”.

Of course the CIA I have known is only its clandestine service (its “spy wing”) and not the whole CIA. Just because the CIA clandestine service is a complete world apart from the “Langley” or “CIA secret prisons” portrayed in the media it doesn't mean that the news portrayal of “Langley” and all those extraordinary renditions is illusion. They may be describing the elephant's legs while I'm describing its tail. My point is that people have no idea what the CIA spy business is about. It's as if people don't even know they exist. But that's exactly the way CIA wants it.

While the secret trial was fiercely in progress in the latter half of 2010, there just had to be such stupid story as that of Ana Chapman. The whole story about the “exchange of spies caught” was just so ridiculous. The CIA was still under SVR command at the time, and yet both spy organs had decided to put up a show as if the whole business of “unification of world's intelligence agencies” had never happened. My personal experience of reality just seemed to have nothing to do with the reality reflected in all the chatters outside in the public domain. And yet I know that my experience is real, which means that the reality outside has to be false. In other words, everybody else is wrong but I'm right. Perhaps news like that is just like the morsels from your dinner which you throw to your curious and barking dog – the whole dinner will forever be inaccessible to the pets of the house.

This world-changing secret trial, at one time a huge thunderbolt in the UN, has lasted four years and there has not been any trace of it in the public domain. Both the Democrats and the Russian elites have clearly wanted to keep the whole thing a secret just as much as the “conspirators”. Originally our former Secretary and his boss would have requested the international court system keep the whole matter a secret because the plan was to take over important elements in foreign governments without the world's knowing. Now the Democrats probably want the secrecy just as much as a way to protect the myth of America as the “good guy” around the world – and the Russians must have agreed. The fact that all the information out there about the world of intelligence is false or a joke is perhaps not as hard to bear as the fact that all the information out there about politics is also a farce. The purpose of an intelligence agency is after all to lie so as to hide. Whether they did something good or suffered injustice, the intelligence agencies always keep everything a secret. Even though the trial about me in the International Court is kept in absolute secrecy I have always thought it possible to see signs of it in major international events which are told in the mainstream news but which are otherwise inexplicable. I have always thought that the uprising in Tibet in March 2008 was part of the Western powers' punishment for China for attempting to usurp the United States' dominant position by cheating the International Court of Justice. (The uprising was of course stirred up by Western intelligence agencies.) I have always thought that the tense relationship between Russia and United States from mid-2008 to the end of 2009 has something to do with the enormously vicious battle between the two nations in the International Court, and that Russia's concession to the United States in June 2009 to allow US military planes to fly over Russian air space en route to Afghanistan had something to do with the reparation which Russia was required to make to the United States following its conviction in March. It would seem that the West's sudden decision in 2010 to not recruit Georgia and Ukraine into NATO is precisely part of the “back door deals” which Russia has negotiated with the West. The same with the news about Russia's new good relations with Poland and Western Europe – the arrangement for free travel between Russia and the EU without Visas and Russia's reorientation in military purchase reflecting how it no longer considered NATO a “threat”. The fact that the Obama administration has met with the Russian government in 2010 and early 2011 more frequently than it has met with any other nation's government seems also to point to the secret deals and sudden alliance which I have told you must have taken place in January 2010.

I began to worry when, in 2011, I started seeing news that did not seem to conform to my scenario of a new secret alliance between Russia and the United States. This case in the International Court has opened up the dangerous possibility that one nation might be secretly running the government of another nation in part or in whole without anyone's knowing. No one can know whether, throughout 2008 and 2009, the decisions of the Chinese government were really those of the Chinese government or whether these were the decisions which the United States has secretly commanded the Chinese government to make. Even now, when this frightening episode has supposedly ended, its possibility still haunts me at times. Whenever I watch the news about the decisions of the US, Russian, or Chinese government, the question would still ring in my head, “Who's in command?” Whenever I see the Obama administration perpetuating the same agendas which the neocons have wanted to implement during the previous administration (e.g NDAA, supporting the rebels in Libya and Syria, going after Iran, implementing the missile defense system throughout Europe), I would wonder, “Are the neocons still using Obama as a front?” Which would bring in the next question: “What if the defendants (our former Secretary and his boss) have got free and have been able to prove that I was in fact in conspiracy with the CIA and the Russian intelligence so that they have now retaken command of the United States and Russian government?” It's a frightening possibility, although unlikely.

I became very puzzled when I saw the same old collision of interests between Russia and the West in the latest revolutions in Libya, Egypt, and Syria, in the latest confrontation with Iran, and in United States' latest insistence on the missile defense system in Europe. Since the entire reason why we suddenly find ourselves living in this fictional “War on Terror” is the competition between East and West over the remaining oil reserves in the world, you would think that the “back door deals” would have already allowed Russia and the West to mark out how to jointly control these reserves such that the West would never again try to rob Russia of its allies in the Muslim world. I thought definitely that the Democrats and the Russians have negotiated that nations should all go back to the way it was “before the trial” – United States, China, and Russia shall then continue competing for world's dwindling resources and for global power just as they were doing before November 2007. But I would then have to consider also the possibility that the Russian elites (together with the Chinese elites whom they have invited) have now joined the ensemble of the Western elites (“Bilderberg”) minus the neocons to secretly plan a “new New World Order” – a revised version of the New World Order in which the interests of the Russian and Chinese elites are no longer ignored.

Look at what I'm saying here. Those into “conspiracies” who have been alarmed by the “One World Government” utopian plan of the Western elites (“Bilderberg”, etc.) have not paid much attention to how the power elites in Russia and China must have similarly regarded the “plan” as threatening. The “One World Government” signified nothing other than the West's conquest of the entire planet, a “universal empire” of the West. This is naturally insulting and threatening to those who held sway in China and Russia. They didn't want their countries to end up being mere “provinces” in Western elites' world empire. Another thing which those into “conspiracies” have not talked about is the fact that the “elites” do have factions and have fought among themselves. Even though the neocons belonged to the Bilderberg as much as the key Democrats, they hated each other and have fought each other like mortal enemies. Our former Vice President's plan of utopia on which I have just speculated must have been a particularly aggressive variant of the Bilderberg plan, and probably not all elites are pleased with the use of such amount of force to achieve the aim of world-unification and depopulation. I'm basically here telling the story of how the elites of the world have fought and re-aligned among themselves. I'm telling you that the Western elites have abandoned one element among themselves – the neocons – and come to term with their former enemies in the East, the power elites in Russia. There is a high probability that the Western elites (United States and Western Europe) have already through these secret negotiations and back door deals come to an agreement with the Eastern elites (Russia and, by extension, China) as to how to carve up the planet among themselves. What looks like continual competition between the West and Russia – all these revolutions in Libya, Egypt, and Syria, the confrontation over Iran, and the controversy over the missile defense system – could just be a show put forward by United States and Russia to dupe ordinary people into believing that the West and Russia are still competing just like before. People will then never know that the elites of the West and the elites of the East have already secretly come together.

I don't of course know what is really going on with these news – because I don't know what these back door deals consisted of. I'm just sure that you cannot take news reports at face value; there is a layer of reality behind every news which you will never know about and which might very well be the opposite of what is on the surface. It might very well be that Russia and the West are only pretending to be arguing with each other in order to hide their secret friendship and deals sealed behind the scene. Those conspiracy theorists consider themselves “awake” just because they no longer believe the official stories broadcast to people about 911, terrorism, and the good intention of the government to protect its people. But they continue to take news reports about world events at face value. They continue to chat about a coming World War III because of Iran, and to awake others about the coming “One World Government” and the “New World Order”. I however, because of my experience, have to live in the suspicion that these awakenings are already outdated, that the intervention of the Russian elites into the “New World Order” must have considerably changed it without anyone's knowing. Some goal may remain, like depopulation, since there is no way around the fact that, once oil is used up, we won't have enough energy to support our current population level. (I think Michael Ruppert's calculation in and since “Collapse” reflects exactly that of the elites also.) But I can't imagine the Russians favoring such idea as World War III and microchipping people on a massive scale, because neither the Russians nor the Chinese are the kind of sick control freaks like the Western elites who have been so intoxicated by their power over their people and the earth made possible by propaganda and technology that they have been feeling themselves to be like gods. The use of technology to control people and nature and to beat down other nations has gotten so out of hand in Western civilization that it has inculcated in the Western elites a monstrous libido for domination never before seen in history. Saying that the Russian and Chinese elites are actually more “human” than Western elites is going to sound strange to many “conspiracy folks” because they have been long indoctrinated by the elites' propaganda to believe in the images of demonic and totalitarian Chinese “communists” and Russian “autocrats”. This just goes to show that even those who consider themselves “awake” are still under the effects of successful brain-washing by news outlets most of the time. I on the other hand can no longer believe any news, or take any news at face value, not even those I read from the Internet, not even those I get from non-mainstream like RT and Wikileaks. (I'm not saying that the information put out by Wikileaks is false, I'm just saying that it is never of the order of “secrets”. Embarrassing facts are not “secrets”; in fact, insofar as those cable gates, etc., contain only “official stories” I really wonder if, at least sometimes, the information has simply been fed to Wikileaks by the authority so that Wikileaks' reputation as a truth-teller may be exploited to confirm false “official stories.”) If the “conspiracy folks” complain about living in a reality apart from the majority just because they couldn't believe in “official stories” – just because their narratives of what the world is like are the inverse of the official narratives – I'm experiencing even greater alienation, for I'm in a camp all by myself and can't even believe in the awakening to NWO. I realize that the common people are permanently stuck in a movie theater where movies are shown on all sides without anyone knowing that these are actually fictions. We have been taught to take the movies shown on our TV and computer screen to be reality. This is absolutely disastrous because, at present, people's entire world view comes from the “screen” or newspapers; most people's world view is entirely synthesized from the reports of some impersonal institutions and very few have personal experience of the events which the news supposedly report about.

The method of getting public officials to shoot fictional movies about their doings and putting these movies on the news as if it were reality was first invented by the great American elites and has now been adopted by all nations around the world and the UN. The American people have always been the most pathetic creatures on the planet, the most lied-to and most successfully duped people on the planet, perpetually living in a state of delusions and believing their slavery by their authority is their salvation. And now this situation has extended to the entire world. This has resulted in the saddest situation that the world is moving ever faster away from “democracy” just when every nation is formally adopting democracy as the way to go. The government elites live in a realist world only they understand and know about, while the rest of the commoners live in a delusional, simplified fairy tale about what their governments are doing.

The most unbearable “fake” news for me is of course news about the very personages in my story. Foremost our former Secretary of Homeland Security. I saw that, after he “finished” his duty at Homeland Security, he founded his “Chertoff Group”, joined the law firm Covington and Burling, promoted body-scanners at airport, gave speeches here and here, testified at Congress about cyber security. This all happened in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Yet according to my story he had in fact been spending most of his waking hours during 2009 and 2010 in some underground control center which was temporarily refitted as a court room of the International Court system. And throughout 2011 he was still being “prosecuted” in a second “prosecution phase”. Remember I have said that those “convicted” in this case don't go to jail or anything like that; what happens is that they fall under the command of the victim of their conspiracy. Both our former Secretary of DHS and our former Vice President should have therefore, throughout 2011, been commanded by the SVR and the CIA to publish memoirs and make speeches on TV, supposedly to advance both intelligence agencies' interests in American society. While those “conspiracy folks” would have already known that, when our former Secretary came on FOX news to comment on the killing of Bin Laden or when our former Vice President presented his memoir describing his chaotic morning of 911, they were doing no more than shooting a movie – one knew that Bin Laden was dead long ago and the killing never happened and the other remembered that he was actually the one who was directing the planes – I'm here not only advising you to extend this way of seeing things to all other news items but also telling you that there is a different layer of meaning in this show business than the simple “the elites continuing to perpetuate the myth of war on terrorism”.

Whenever I mention the name of our former Secretary to a “skeptic” of the official stories, he would tell me this man is evil because he co-wrote the Patriot Act and promoted body-scanners, not knowing that these deeds barely scratched the surface of his “accomplishments”. I'm the only one among the commoners who knows that this man is actually the exact opposite of his public persona: that he is a pathological liar, that he is extremely self-centered and expects everyone else to sacrifice himself or herself for the sake of his glory, that he bases his entire self-esteem on his ability to deceive others, that successfully deceiving others is for him the sign of superiority, that his most cherished belief is that what distinguishes the elites from the common worthless folks is that the elites manufacture fairy tales for the commoners to believe as reality, that he loves to violate laws rather than enforce them, that he loves to lie in court and forge evidence to frame innocent people, and is obsessed with secrecy and the power to secretly ruin people and dominate opponents without anyone knowing – but that he, despite his pride in himself as super-smart, is actually negligent, incompetent, and unversed in details, a typical redneck who doesn't understand complex human psychology. Yet knowledge of the truth tremendously isolates me; the fact is that only the elites – like the Russians and the Democrats – know this, and by knowing what the elites know while living in the commoners' level, I am in effect trapped in an universe by myself. To peek into the world of the elites and then “come back” is like the experience of UFO abduction. That's how far truth about the world is from the common people's imagination. I'm not being grandiose here, for it is really not a blessing.

The fact that the neocons would now be under CIA's (secret) command will itself be surprising to those who know something about the crisis of the intelligence business during the beginning of the Bush administration. The neocons have spent enormous efforts beating down and dismantling the CIA, finally subduing the Agency, and now, in the end, because of this trial, the CIA got on top of the neocons. If we assume that part of the deal which the Democrats and the Russians have negotiated consisted in returning the CIA to the Obama administration and that the CIA is no longer under Russian command since the end of 2010, this means that, through this trial, the CIA has once again become the master of American society just as it once was before the neocons came to power.

To complicate the matter, there is the possibility that the CIA, the Russians, and the Democrats are not commanding our former neocons to carry out any particular plans of their own, but are simply commanding them to rerun the revised version of the conspiracy of which they have been convicted as part of the procedure in the second prosecution to fix the evidentiary record (“to change the past”). In other words, the victims of the conspiracy, who are now in command, are ordering the conspirators to do in front of them what the conspirators would have done had the conspirators been in command – with variations to allow for the “change of past” – in order to determine the conspirators' crimes. When Obama signed NDAA, for example, it might just be the Democrats commanding the neocons to command them to do this. When the Obama administration pushed for war with Iran and in Syria, it would then be the Democrats commanding the neocons to command them to do this. (All this in secret, of course.) This was neocons' original plan to establish totalitarianism at home and promote World War III abroad. It's all a game: the Russians and the Democrats are commanding the neocons to command the Democrats to re-run the original conspiracy against Russia. According to the rules of the Court, just when the plan would succeed – just when World War III will break out – the victims of the conspiracy (the Russians and the Democrats) would “intercept” it. There will thus not be World War III. The “accomplishments” already there will just remain or fade away.

Although I'm totally unsure about the meaning of major events in politics and international relations – the only thing I'm sure of is that they are not what they appear to be: and I suspect that this trial I'm speaking of is the key to understanding all the major tumults in the world today – I am absolutely sure of the revolutionary change that must be occurring in the world of intelligence. The world of espionage will never be the same again. Because of this case, the Chinese intelligence service has seen everything one can know about the CIA; the CIA has now known everything there is to know about the Chinese intelligence service, having commanded it for two years! The CIA then briefly acquired possession of the Russian intelligence service SVR, finding out everything there is to know about it, and the Russian intelligence returned the favor by commanding the CIA for at least a year, from late 2009 until late 2010. Even if all the intelligence agencies have decided that “everything should go back to the way things were before” people do not just forget what they have seen. The animosity which has formerly prompted the intelligence agencies of the Western alliance and those of the Eastern alliance (China and Russia) to destroy each other completely the first chance they get cannot exist anymore. Through this Court case I'm talking about, the intelligence agencies of the three superpowers and of many other important nations have for a period become so intertwined with one another that there is no longer any mystique left among the former enemies. Insofar as the nations of the West and the East can no longer send spies into each other – not until these intelligence agencies have spent years revamping their entire structure – they must have worked out a deal to secretly cooperate so closely from now on that they are as unified as the European Union while pretending on the surface to be spying on each other just like before in order to hide the new situation from the knowledge of common people. The Russian SVR would of course be the “Big Brother” in the new alliance. People do not know that the Cold War has never ended for the intelligence agencies of East and West when communism has collapsed – they were still fighting each other just like before – and now people will not know that the Cold War has at last ended for them.

This is actually bad. For the sort of exit I used to seek no longer exists. Back in 2007, when I was fed with a little bit of secrets about the CIA, if the authority told people I was crazy in order to prevent people from believing me, I could at least tell the secrets to a foreign intelligence service not friendly to the United States. I cannot convince ordinary people that I am telling the truth, but I can always easily convince the Chinese intelligence that I am telling the truth, because they are expert in sorting out truth from a sea of lies – that is their trade – and they are always enthusiastic to hear. I don't think it possible to convince you that I'm telling you a Big Important Secret here that you can't hear from anyone else, but if I were telling a foreign intelligence agency about it, it'll be so easy. And yet I can no longer do that. There is no longer any “unfriendly” foreign intelligence left. When you are a target of an intelligence agency, there is no way for you to fight them face to face. But, before, at least you can voluntarily become a target of a foreign intelligence agency not friendly to the one targeting you in hope that the two intelligence agencies may come into conflict. That is really the only way out. This is no longer possible, for all the intelligence agencies in the world are on the same side now.

I'm absolutely certain of the train of events up to 2010. The lawsuit, like I have said, was a tremendous event in the UN and no one who has had any sort of ranking in any government in the world would have not heard of the lawsuit which China brought against the United States in November 2007. This lawsuit is also known widely among many low level public personnel, such as those who were in the LAPD and SFPD between 2007 and 2010. Of all these hundreds of thousands of people who know about it, it should be easy for you to find one person who will admit it. And yet I can't count on it. The only person who will benefit from their admission, other than you, will be me. Why would anyone move a finger for me? I am the perfect victim. I have no attraction for others. This is why I have been the most convenient target for the intelligence agencies and politicians, the most convenient trash can for all their deepest secrets. Like I said, the story I'm telling you here is the biggest secret next to the truth about 911 attacks. And yet, unlike the case about 911 truth, the elites will never have to worry about my spilling out their secret. Whenever I speak, others interrupt me or turn away. I simply don't arouse interests in others to cause them to want to listen to me. I'm the kind of person such that, if I try to rescue a girl who is hanging off the cliff, she'd probably tell me to step aside to let the next guy save her. I have no credentials either. Even if I were not an obstacle to myself, it would be hard enough under normal circumstances to share a “secret” as complex as this one when ordinary people no longer have the attention span for anything longer than two paragraphs. Everybody wants to talk, no one wants to listen, and people are not interested in listening to things that don't fit into their world view. Everyone has already decided what the world is like and is only interested in hearing information which repeats what he or she already believes. Besides, most people are simply not capable of understanding what the governments are doing. Government secrets are hard to understand even when you throw them at people's face. Since the disastrous events of late 2007, those in the CIA and Homeland Security must have realized that they really need not do anything to keep me from spilling secrets. People would immediately shun me as a freak without understanding anything I'm saying. Truth has found a wrong bearer. To make people have an interest in a “secret” this complex and this bizarre, I would have to be extra-charming, not less charming, than average.

I have to hold my ground, hold onto my own reality, even when my own story here seems to be contradicted by all the news coming out of the “screen” – even when the whole reality “in the screen” constantly suggests to me that my experience has never existed. There are two contradictory realities in the “screen”, the reality of the “official stories” and the reality of the skeptics (“conspiracies”). I have to remind myself that the reality of the skeptics, which is closer to the truth though not entirely true, is contradicted by the “official reality” in every way. Being contradicted by the reality of the majority does not mean that your personal reality is false. And yet my own reality is contradicted by both, although it has some overlaps with and similarities to the latter. I would have to remind myself that the reality of the skeptics is as much derived from the “screen” – usually from picking holes in the official reality – rather than from personal experiences, which are the only trustworthy sources of information in these days of universal deception (when we are all trapped in a movie theater). I have to remember how other personal experiences I have read – such as Karen Kwiatkowski's narrative about her experience in the Pentagon just before the Iraq War and Susan Lindauer's story about the concessions Iraq was willing to grant before the war (“Extreme Prejudice”) – so contradict the official reality that, even when the whole world contradicts me as to what is really going on in the secret world of intelligence and international politics, I'm right in believing my own experience, for the whole world lives but in a movie theater without knowing.

The saddest fact in this post-modern age is that, in the end, what human beings need the most is each other, that ordinary people spend most of their time seeking out other companies to confirm their beliefs about the world, to acknowledge their worries, and to share their interests, and yet that our world is becoming increasingly fragmented and diversified. In primitive times, when we lived in tribes and worshiped gods and ancestor spirits, everyone you ever met would believe in the same things as you did. You would never feel isolated in your beliefs. That was a bliss. Nowadays no one ever agrees with another person on everything. Such diversity of viewpoints and interests has completely isolated each of us; we have on average at most two or three persons in whom we can confide everything. I'm in the worst position possible. The result of my ordeal is such that everyone I have ever had deep connection with has been recruited by the authority; they have changed hands in the course of events: at first by the CIA to work on my recruitment, then to work against me when Homeland Security took over the show, then commanded to act as my “conspirators” when the Russians busted everyone. They will always keep everything a secret from me, under the instruction of different masters and for different reasons, no matter how obvious their clandestine work is. I no longer have anyone to share my reality with, I'm imprisoned in a private reality which no one will ever confirm. All the proofs for the authenticity of my experience have turned out to be worthless. I have since 2008 recorded every conversation I have had and videotaped half of all the secret agents I have met, but the videos and recordings mean nothing to ordinary people who just see a woman sitting there or hear someone whom I claim to be an operative showering me with metaphors and riddles (the typical way in which spies from all sides have communicated with me). In the end the best proof I have for my experience is the microchip inside my head. Only if I could find a doctor to help me find it! And how to do that? I of course cannot tell the doctor directly what I'm looking for. How can I explain it in a way that even makes sense? I once told a doctor online that “there is a microchip inside my head”. What symptoms are you having which make you believe you have a microchip inside your head, he asked. Can I just say that my symptoms have been that my environment and my body have been remotely controlled by a secret control center reading my thoughts to respond in unmistakable ways to my thoughts, to confirm or to echo my thoughts, as a way to produce the “right” evidences and inculcate “right” knowledge in me so that the winning party in a secret trial somewhere may better win their case? Can I recount how, in 2010, the control center kept controlling my best friend to say to me the things I had told the control center in private, resulting in this strange situation of my best friend constantly “echoing” my thoughts, all because the control center was trying to produce evidence showing that I was mentally retarded and only knew how to repeat what others told me – at which point I would have to note the even stranger fact that, when others repeat what I say the evidentiary record in the Court will show that I repeat what others say, all because the reality in that secret court room is the reverse of the real reality! Obviously my reasons and my reality are unspeakable. I sound crazy enough just by insisting that I want to find out if a “fragment” is inside my head. Since the chip is most likely semi-organic and less than 1 millimeter in size, unless the doctor tries really hard, she'll not find it in any of the CT-scans – and that's assuming that it is detectable by CT-scans at all. (I have one CT-scan done already, but as long as the doctor maintains no abnormalities are found, I don't have the expertise to identify anything in the images myself.)

My daily telepathic communication with the control center in the Court house has thus locked me into a private reality which I can never communicate to others because of its bizarre and unbelievable nature, and the only solution, the only exit from this prison, is to find the microchip. By that I'm walking into uncertain territory. Because this microchip is supposedly so sophisticated a technology that nothing people have ever heard of before (MK-Ultra experiments, RFID chippings) can compare to it in anyway, and is thus the ultimate proof for the authenticity of the “Biggest Secret”, will those who are in power and have control over me (ultimately the victors in this “secret trial”, the CIA, the Democrats, and the Russians) actually allow me to find it and acquire proofs for this biggest scandal? They can easily manipulate my environment to cause me to fail to find it, letting myself discredit myself in the process – assuming that it is actually possible to find it using those profane healthcare and electronic technologies available to ordinary consumers. And yet not just for the sake of proving, I simply don't want to live a life where I don't even know if my thoughts and actions have been secretly controlled without my being able to tell so that I may live out a life which some unseen powerful figures have planned out for me. So far, I seem to have been controlled to live a life that conforms to the evidences which the victors in the trials need to most conveniently prosecute the defendants. But what comes after that? I can't live like this forever. I don't even know if the enormous fatigue I experience each day is remotely induced or natural. These microchips are the most perverted instrument which human beings have ever invented to dominate other human beings. And yet their fate is uncertain because I don't know what kind of judgment the Russian-controlled International Court has pronounced about them. In a video which the International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technology has produced, the founder spoke of how the US military has inserted RFID chips into the insurgents captured before releasing them back to Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't know where he got this piece of information, but I have been wondering for a long time if, as for those insurgents captured in Afghanistan between 2008 and 2010, the US military might just have implanted the latest microchips inside their head without their knowing before releasing them to join their Taliban comrades as the ultimate “moles”. There must be a lot of implantees around the world who don't even know that their fate has been secretly controlled in this way. What have the Russians done about them once they have “owned” the technology in 2010? Would that the Russian Prime Minister, wise and moderate and kind in all other respects, and who was for a moment made the most powerful person on earth secretly commanding the entire Western alliance before giving up the reins in secret back door deals, would one day reveal to us what he has done with this frightening technology.

Now that I have articulated somewhat intelligibly the story of how I might have been implanted with a microchip, I can focus my energy on finding this microchip which I believe resides in my head. I'll keep this story updated.

Some additional notes (March 27 2012):

I may add other international events whose true cause, I suspect, was this lawsuit between United States and Russia in the International Court of which I'm speaking here, rather than being found in whatever profane reasons the media has given for them:

France's supply of military technology to Russia (including and beyond the selling of Mistral) may be part of the back door deals which Russia has negotiated with France in exchange for absolving France's crime in the “conspiracy”; the ousting of Dominique Strauss-Khan may be part of a clandestine revolution against neoconservatism which the CIA, the Democrats, and the Western elites are effecting after they have negotiated with Russia about a “new New World Order” from which the neocons shall be ousted – it may indicate CIA's resuming its mastership over the American society; United States may have been helping Russian join the WTO also as part of the back door deals spoken of here, or as part of the “reparation” which the United States makes to Russia in exchange for Russia's forgiveness of its crime; the appearance of Russian agents in Afghanistan may be sign of the “new New World Order”: while originally the neocons desired conquest of Afghanistan in order to build military bases in the back door area of China and Russia, under the new deals Russia must have demanded a part in the “Afghan plan” so that the Afghan war – NATO's presence in Russia's southern border – will no longer be a threat to Russia but will actually benefit Russia (who knows if Russian officials are actually, partially or wholly, in command of NATO's forces in Afghanistan?). I have the feeling that Obama withdrew all US troops from Iraq also as part of the “back door deals”, namely, under Russia's request. All these in secret, of course.

Similarly, the reduction in military spending by NATO countries (France, UK, Germany, and United States) while China and Russia increased their military spending – this in 2011 – may also be part of the back door deals struck between Russia and the West during 2010. (See “China und Russland rüsten auf, der Westen spart” at Spiegel.)

I will continue my speculation on the “true reality” behind current events on my blog. Current events are not what they appear to be. They can be understood only in terms of the trial at the International Court of Justice to which I'm referring here. On my blog I'll also record my progress in detecting and finding the brain chip inside my head.

Another example of Obama's threading on neocons' path is his signing of the executive order National Defense Resources Preparedness (March 16 2012). Is he serious or is he just pretending (in order to conclude the trial)?

Some clarifications:

“Can I just say that my symptoms have been that my environment and my body have been remotely controlled by a secret control center reading my thoughts to respond in unmistakable ways to my thoughts, to confirm or to echo my thoughts, as a way to produce the 'right' evidences and inculcate 'right' knowledge in me so that the winning party in a secret trial somewhere may better win their case?”

The “symptoms” are like this. The computer in the control center has been configured to automatically confirm my thoughts when I thought right by remotely controlling me to cough or to scratch my head, by remotely controlling my body to hurt in whichever part, by remotely controlling someone else planted in my surrounding to cough and to scratch his or her head, by remotely controlling drivers planted in my surrounding to honk the horns, by directing junk calls to my phone (when I thought right, my phone would ring, that is), by remotely directing the machinery in my surrounding to make noises and to malfunction...

“I have been remotely controlled to cough, to dip ashes from cigarettes, to scratch myself, to feel sting at places on my body, to be plagued by migraine headaches, to be cured from headaches, etc...”

One day in January 2011, when I was angered by the injustice I just suffered and was not in the mood to give in to the police officers talking to me, those in the control center decided to remotely control me to be “rational” and “reasonable”. Within a second, my anger dissipated and I proceeded to submit myself to the injustice in progress, “rationally” and in calmness. Thanks to the nanochip inside my head, I could be remotely controlled to lose my aggression. On another occasion (September 2010), I was actually remotely controlled to have an erection even though I felt no sexual desires at all.

The most amazing demonstration of the chip's ability occurred one day in December 2010. Just before noon that day, as I was sitting outside an university campus, I suddenly “remembered” a line in a book I read from ages ago: “... Zero hour has struck over Germany...” Just at that instant the bell was ringing over the university campus to signal that it was noon time. I was so impressed by the coincidence that I looked at the time to make sure that the control center was not remotely controlling the bell to correspond to my thoughts. I saw that it was indeed noon, and thereupon realized that it must be the computer that was reading my thought which had “called up” this memory of mine as a way to let me know that it could control my thoughts so smoothly that I couldn't even see any difference from my normal, “free”, thought process. I figured that, by this time, the computer had been reading my thoughts for about a year, and that it must have during this time so thoroughly mapped out all my desires and memories that it could coordinate my thoughts to correspond to my environment with pinpoint accuracy by conjuring up just the “right one” of the billions of thoughts and memories in my head which would correspond to the current state of my environment. And I would feel just as if I were conjuring up the thoughts or memories of my own free will – all because the computer must be utilizing the same neurological pathways in conjuring up my thoughts as when I think my thoughts freely by myself.

In other words, the computer in the control center remotely controls your thoughts by selecting, among your own thoughts, what thoughts you should think. So basically the computer is telling you which thoughts among all of your thoughts you should think. Thus, you can say that the computer is thinking for you with your own thoughts. Since the thoughts which you are remotely controlled to think are just your own thoughts, you won't notice that you are being remotely controlled. You would think you still have your free will, whereas, in reality, the computer has hijacked your free will.

Added August 23 2012

I have reserved a mere single paragraph in the above narrative for the “second run”:

“What happened later I will only quickly summarize – it's not my main objective here. As my “conspirator” our former Secretary was now held in wait of another trial of prosecution at the same International Court. In order to perfect the prosecution, the United States and Russia – now united on the same side of the prosecutor – decided on a plan of wholesale replacement of the previous evidentiary record. This is another strange law which had developed out of my case but which I have not the space to explain. The “prosecuting team” – instead of United States vs Russia, we have, during this “prosecution phase” of 2010, the “prosecuting team” vs “defense team” as the parties of the lawsuit – was allowed to produce new evidences out of me to replace older evidences so as to alter the official record of what had happened – to “change the past”, in other words. They wanted to change the story of how this lawsuit had started so that, in the new story, no details could be found which could remotely hint that I was in conspiracy with the Russians and not in conspiracy with our former Secretary – that I was merely putting up an act of conspiring with our former Secretary and the CIA in order to enable the Russians to bust us all. For this end, they planned to set me up with the daughter of a Mexican royal to play out the new evidentiary record. The Mexican royal would however have none of this and instead tampered with the thought-reading machine in the Court house to which I was hooked to forge evidence slandering me as Russia hating, retarded, autistic, schizophrenic, and violently dangerous. He thought he could alienate the Russians from me and persuade them to “choose someone else” for his daughter, but he was caught. The defense team defending our former Secretary then filed perjury charges against the prosecuting team in hope of freeing him and reversing the earlier International Court judgments issued against France and other Western “conspiratorial nations” – for this Mexican royal was on the side of the prosecuting team. The Russians denied perjury and installed the Mexican royal as the leader of the prosecuting team, hiring an expert psychologist to devise mental torture, effected through my environment, in order to turn me into the degraded person of the profile forged by the Mexican royal. It was the same modus operandi of our former Secretary: when the evidence forged didn't conform to reality, change reality so that it would conform to your evidence. In this way Russia and the United States may be shielded from the charge of perjury raised by the defense team. The denial of perjury became especially important when more and more parties (mostly Western European nations plus Turkey) joined in on defendant's side during the summer of 2010 to object to the former International Court's judgment. The evidentiary process – because it has always been about manipulating me to conform to the scenarios argued by whichever party rather than about gathering evidences about me – has caused me tremendous disability and hardship. I would have to be provoked by operations to get myself in troubles and arrested in order to conform to the forged profile, even though eventually I never did allow myself to get into big enough trouble that would allow myself to be arrested. Eventually, by November 2010, just when it looked impossible to make me conform to the forged profile about me – just when the charge of perjury simply couldn't be denied – the prosecuting team was able to make the whole failed prosecution into a “conspiracy between me and the defendant to rig the trial”, so that the prosecution could restart anew and continue until recently, prosecuting both conspiracies (the original conspiracy to falsely convict Russia through the International Court and the new conspiracy to free the defendant and reverse the earlier International Court judgment). The whole of 2011 would thus be another phase of prosecution, fixing the evidence to determine once and for all the “crimes” of the conspirators in both conspiracies.”

What has in fact happened during 2010 and 2011 is actually quite complicated and has an importance about which any omission of the happenings would give the most deadly wrong impression. I would thus like to here provide a summary of the course of this international court trial about me during 2010, 2011, and 2012.

I have spoken above of how the Russian Prime Minister Putin now wanted to “simulate” the whole trial again, after his February 2010 victory, in order to change the story of how this lawsuit had started so that, in the new story, no details could be found which could remotely suggest that I was in conspiracy with the Russians and not in conspiracy with our former Secretary Mr Chertoff. The simulation of the entire trial makes it the “second run” of the International Court trial. I have talked about how the Russian Prime Minister can alter the official record of what had happened – to “change the past” – like this by utilizing a new strange law which allowed for the replacement of old evidences by new evidences of similar sorts. The purpose of the “second run” is thus to create a more convenient official story of what has happened – especially in regard to who has conspired with who. The way this strange law works is like this. When a past instance that has been entered into evidence is repeated again in the “second run”, the new episode may or may not look exactly like the original episode; what is important however is that the command structure causing the new episode to come into being would have been orchestrated to be different from the original command structure which had caused the original episode. For example, those original instances from the “first run” where I appeared to be in conspiracy with Russian intelligence service SVR insofar as the SVR was commanding its secret agents to show up in front of me would be repeated in the “second run”, but the new episode would have a different command structure, showing that it was not the SVR, but Mr Chertoff, who had commanded the secret agents in question to show up in front of me. The final evidentiary record would thus show that the Russian intelligence service SVR had never commanded any agents to follow me and therefore could not have “conspired” with me. When every piece of evidence from the past is repeated like this, objections that I had conspired with Russia would then be gradually made impossible. Eventually – and this is the ultimate goal – even though the rule of International Court dictates that parties are always allowed to bring in new evidence and ask the judges to reconsider the earlier judgments issued, by eliminating all possible objections – when it has become logically impossible to object – the Russian Prime Minister would have effectively bypassed this troublesome court rule, which could allow discontent nations to continue to object till the end of time simply for the sake of obstructionism.

Remember that, by this time, by the time Russia has won the lawsuit in February 2010, that is, the parties in the lawsuit have all changed; that the US government has split up, with the Obama administration siding with Russia to prosecute, as common criminals planning a criminal conspiracy to harm United States, China, and Russia, our former Secretary of Homeland Security and his clique who have raised the lawsuit on CIA's behalf against Russia in the first place. That is where the “second run” would begin, the wholesale replacement of all past evidences.

I have talked about how, to perform this “second run”, the Russians have planned to set me up with the daughter of a Mexican royal to play out the new evidentiary record, and how the Mexican royal – whose name is Buenrostro – would have none of this. This pair-up is something which the Russian Prime Minister had added to the core operations of the production of new evidences, and yet it would be just this add-on which would almost sink Russia altogether. The details I have left out is this, that the Russian Prime Minister liked Mr Buenrostro's daughter so much that he wanted to manipulate the evidence-replacement process of the second run in such a way that he could eventually put her in Mexico to rule Mexico as his ally. (The Russian Prime Minister was coveting Mexican oil at the same time as he wanted to close the court case.) The Buenrostro daughter however wanted her father Mr Buenrostro, some sort of psychopath, to go into the Interntional Court room to watch over her, the “control center” where resided the thought-reading computer which read my thoughts as evidences. The Russian Prime Minister was so afraid to offend the little white Mexican girl that he agreed. Mr Buenrostro then began developing plans to snatch his daughter away from Russian control so that, when his daughter does go into Mexican rulership through the International Court orchestration, he may be the one running the show from behind the scene rather than the Russians. To do this he had to discredit me before his daughter so that his daughter may want to stay away from the Russian plan and go along with his own plan. Mr Buenrostro thus secretly reconfigured the thought-reading computer in the court room, so that, instead of reading my thoughts, the computer actually read the opposites of my thoughts. When I thought about how I liked his daughter, for example, the computer would show instead how much I wanted to rape her and kill her. Mr Buenrostro then invited his daughter to look at the computer and see these “fake thoughts of mine”, scaring her to death, so that she would agree to her father's alternative plan instead of the Russian plan. Mr Buenrostro had basically used these “fake thoughts of mine” to construct a false profile of me as an autistic retarded violent schizophrenic rapist – something that would scare any woman away, let alone Mr Buenrostro's neurotic daughter. The Russians stopped them both, but not before Mr Buenrostro had already caused a most important piece of key evidence – something to do with my earlier thoughts -- which had allowed Russia to win the trial back in February 2010 and take control of the world to become invalidated. This happened around April 10 2010 or so. The French DGSE's observers noticed this, and quickly came back, on April 29 2010, to use the opportunity to object to Russia's February victory. If the French won, the Russian Prime Minister would not only lose his control of the entire world, but even Russia itself would secretly fall under French control. The European industrialists behind the French would then rob Russia of all its natural resources, leaving the Russian people cold and hungry on the streets. It is for this reason that the Russian Prime Minister – together with his new American and Chinese allies – had to deny the “perjury”, namely deny that the thought-reading computer had been reconfigured at all. If they could successfully deny it, then the “key evidence” may avoid being invalidated, allowing Russia to keep its February victory. The only way to deny the reconfiguration was however to physically turn me into the degraded person in the profile which Mr Buenrostro had forged of me. Another way by which the Russian Prime Minister can keep its February victory was to make me understand what had happened in the court room (i.e. the reconfiguring of the computer, the objection of the French, and the French attempt to take over Russia and the world) so that the whole trial may be made into a conspiracy against him, allowing him to “intercept” it and to restart the trial for a third time (the “third run”, as you shall see).

Both the Russians and their new allies infinitely preferred the use of “conspiracy” to save the trial because it was virtually impossible for the degraded creature in Mr Buenrostro's profile to exist in the real world. The Russian Prime Minister's team's strategy was to pursue both avenues at the same time. In regard to the first, the Russian Prime Minister thus hired some expert psychologists to devise psychological tortures to transform me an intellectual nerd into a violent crazy and autistic retard who would exhibit all the symptoms of schizophrenia. It was the same modus operandi which our former Secretary of Homeland Security had favored: when the evidence you have forged didn't conform to reality, change reality so that it would conform to your evidence. In regard to the second, the Russian Prime Minister's team would continually signal to me hints about what was occurring inside the court room in hope that I would understand what had happened. Meanwhile, the French DGSE team (Direction générale de la securité externe, in case you don't know) gradually dismantled one aspect after another of the control of the Western alliance which Russia had acquired by February 2010. The Russian Prime Minister was now fighting his hardest just to prevent his own country from falling under French control. However, it's simply impossible to completely transform a normal peaceful person into a violent crazy retard. I was about to die and yet still could not be transformed exactly into this crazy violent retard, although I had come about half way after near death. By summer 2010 more nations of the Western alliance, like Italy and Turkey, had joined in on the French side to object to the former International Court's judgment, and the French themselves had decided to take up the original defendants Mr former Secretary of Homeland Security and our former Vice President onto their team. When all seemed hopeless, the Russian Prime Minister finally, by the end of 2010, force-fed me with the knowledge of what had happened in the court room, which then allowed himself to declare the whole trial a “conspiracy” and to intercept the whole process. He was thus able to recover his February 2010 victory. Now he had simply to rerun the trial for a third time – replacing all the past evidences, from both the “first run” and the “second run”, rewriting the entire history of the court case, that is – in order to make his February 2010 victory immune to future objections. The whole of 2011 and 2012 would thus be devoted to this fixing of past evidences.

This trial, by the end of 2010, has completely realigned the geopolitical situation of the planet. Whereas before we have a confrontation between East (China and Russia) and West (United States, European Union, and their Asian allies), now United States has formed a new alliance with China and Russia. How then to explain the Arab Spring, where what is at work seems precisely to be United States' and NATO's trying to grab oil rich regions away from China and Russia? We have to consider this, and other turmoils in the world, in light of Russia's need to run the trial for a third time. You will then understand that, along with fixing past evidences regarding who has “conspired” with me, the Russian Prime Minister is also leading the United Nations to forge a “new New World Order.” The third hypothesis which I have proposed in my narrative above is thus the correct one: “When Obama signed NDAA, for example, it might just be the Democrats commanding the neocons to command them to do this. When the Obama administration pushed for war with Iran and in Syria, it would then be the Democrats commanding the neocons to command them to do this.” What is going on is that the Russian Prime Minister Putin has required all nations of the world to participate in simulating America's and NATO's past crimes against Russia, like setting up puppet regimes in the Arab world to deprive Russia of its allies there, all in order to fix the past evidences of America's and NATO's crimes against Russia, so that Russia can be compensated through an international court order. Basically, Russia wants control of the Central Asian and Arab oil reserves, and this is their way to get it. In order to understand the reason for this convoluted procedure, I need to keep you mindful of just who it was that were behind French DGSE's objection in April 2010: the European Bilderbergers. The story is in fact not finished when I have said above that, after Russia's February 2010 victory, the Russian elites have forged an alliance with the Western elites to the exclusion of the neocons. Such alliance did form, but on the condition that Russia should control the oil reserves in its surrounding, and the European elites only accepted the condition because – either this or they had to be convicted as my “conspirators”. As soon as the European Bilderbergers, who wanted Russian oil so badly, saw a chance to re-take the resources, not just in Russia's surrounding, but in Russia itself, they promptly dropped the alliance and sent in the DGSE team to object and dismantle Russia's new found empire.

Once Russia won the second run by the end of 2010, then, the Russian Prime Minister realized that he could not count on any backdoor deals to maintain control of these oil reserves, but must do so through an international court order. From 2011 onwards, what we are witnessing around the world is basically Russia commanding the necons plus the European Bilderbergers to recommit variants of their crimes against Russia within the past 20 years so that: (1) Russia will, after the staging of the turmoils is complete, get compensated by, for example, taking over the NATO puppet regimes in the Arab world through an International Court order; (2) the neocons and the Bilderbergers will be convicted as criminals against Russia and the world; and (3) Russia's new allies, the Obama administration centered around the CIA, may get off scotch-free, even though, before 911 attacks, it was precisely the CIA which had served as the main instrument of the Bilderbergers.

In other words, this convoluted “commanding the criminals to recommit their crimes” or “commanding them to stage their crimes one more time” is the only way in which Russia can secure its zones of influence and save the CIA while prosecuting CIA's former allies. This phase, lasting from the beginning of Arab Spring in Tunisia until today (August 2012), I shall then call the “third run” of the International Court trial about me. The problem with this international court procedure is that, as the news report these “crimes” of Western imperialism, all the “conspiracy theorists” get duped into believing that it really is America's intention to cause all these troubles in the Arab world, not realizing that it is the Russian Prime Minister and his new allies who are orchestrating all these – that, in fact, all the turmoils you see in the world from 2011 onwards which “conspiracy theorists” think will lead to “New World Order” are actually staged to produce just the opposite effects. The “new New World Order” is thus a new alliance between the Eastern and Western elites minus the neocons and the European Bilderbergers. The purpose of the new alliance is for nations to work together to ward off the coming planetary crisis when the natural resources, especially oil, on the basis of which we have built our mechanized civilization will be used up.

This “third run” is good news for everyone else but bad news for me. Let me return to the problem of “fixing past evidences in order to eliminate the possibility for any nations to object in the future”. In order to avoid any further complications, the Russians have to make sure that the evidence production process during the third run achieve pin-point accuracy. I must be rendered into a remotely controlled robot not one of whose movements is left to pure chance – so that there will be no deviation at all from the evidentiary course which the Russians will need at the minimum to replace all past evidences and seal the court case once and for all. Furthermore, every movement in my environment will also be coordinated with my thoughts and actions (in order to speed up the evidence production process, etc.) remotely by the giant computer in the court room in just the way in which our former Vice President had originally conceived his “utopia”. You have to remember that the amount of evidences to be replaced has been vastly increased thanks to the complications introduced by the French and Mr Buenrostro. As I have hinted, in order to seal the court case against all possible objections in the future, the Russians will have to introduce several “official versions” of the evidentiary course of the trial – several “official” versions of my life, even – so that one version may cover up the holes in the other versions. Only when all the versions are superimposed one upon another, can you have a guarantee that it has never been even conceivable for me to conspire with Russia (and its new allies). While the International Court will produce at least two, but possibly several more, versions of the official story of how complications have happened in 2010 – one in which my thoughts were not forged and one in which they were – it was the version which says my thoughts have never been forged that would be causing me so much hardship, because this version will basically require me to live out an entire life of a schizophrenic violent retard insofar as the Russians will need a life cycle of mine which is consistent with the fake thoughts of mine which Mr Buenrostro has forged between April 1 and April 10, 2010.

I don't know the details of the new official stories that are thus created to explain what has happened in 2010 – they are not worth knowing since they have no truth values at all – but it's safe to say that all of them have completely erased from official records the Russian Prime Minister's responsibility for torturing me so as to turn me into a violent crazy retard. The crimes against me have been blamed, legally speaking, entirely upon the French, Mr Buenrostro, Mr Chertoff and Mr Cheney, and whichever nations have joined the French subsequently (Italy, Turkey, Japan, etc.).

What you should know is that, because DGSE has objected on behalf of the European industrialists, from 2011 onwards France has, following international laws, basically fallen under “allied control”. The French government has not been operational at all, but merely a staged show – and the French people have not been told this. This case about me which has started with China's dismemberment has ended with France's dismemberment. It remains to be seen what Russia and the United Nations have done with la France.

More additional notes (October 2012):

The UN Study Group: When I say that every movement in my environment is coordinated with my thoughts and actions remotely by the giant computer in the court room in just the way in which our former Vice President has originally conceived his “utopia”, I mean that the Russians, with the backing of the United Nations, have actually had the entire population in my surrounding microchipped with the same brain chip with which I have been implanted. The number of people who have been microchipped for this international court trial therefore number almost a million. What has happened is that the Russians have commanded Cheney's gang to commit the crime of “utopia” on a mini-scale (in a single city marked off as the “crime zone”), but then utilize this crime for their own benefits, namely, the mechanism of the utopia is now used to produce new evidences to replace evidences from the past. What I want to note is that the United Nations has embedded in this microchipping on a mass-scale its own other purpose, which is what I will simply call the “Grand Experiment” run by a United Nations Study Group. After the Russians have won their case in February 2010 and exposed the US crimes in the United Nations, the United Nations began setting up this Study Group composed of up to a thousand scientists and intellectuals from around the world. This UN Study Group seems to be charged with two missions: firstly, to study the scientific values of the “thought-reading technology”, the technology of utopia, and other weird things which the Russians have dug out of the secret boxes of the Pentagon; secondly, to create a model for “sustainable civilization”. The Grand Experiment thus has two objectives corresponding to these two missions of the UN Study Group: the “Project for An Encyclopedia of Human Thought Patterns” and “Human Behavior Modification Program”. The first project came about when the scientists from the UN Study Group looked at the “thought-reading technology”. Some of them could not help but want to enlarge the “mind-reading dictionary” which lies at its basis (see my blog entry: http://www.lawrencechin2011.com/blogs/2012/07/08/how-darpa-mind-reading-technology-works-civilian-researches-which-duplicate-darpa-researches/) into an universal repository of all human thoughts (represented by their corresponding functional patterns of the brain) which can possibly be collected – this would become the mental equivalent to the Human Genome Project, which can be said to be the universal repository of all human genes which can possibly be found in human beings. This is what I mean by the “Encyclopedia of Human Thought Patterns”.

The second mission of the UN Study Group is far more important. Since, unless something be done about it, our planet's oil reserve, and many other natural resources, will run out in three decades or so causing the collapse of our civilization and resulting in human population bottleneck – and remember that the whole cause of the trial, and of the War on Terrorism, is oil – the UN wants its Study Group to devise a model for sustainable civilization which it can then force all nations to implement by incorporating its implementation into the judgment which the International Court will issue about my case. (This is done by making unsustainable civilization part of Cheney's conspiracy against Russia and the world so that the victims of the conspiracy may have the Court issue a judgment demanding the reversal of unsustainable civilization.) Unlike Cheney's or Bilderbergers' plan, the UN Study Group needs to devise a model of civilization which is – thus what I have said above is not correct – indefinitely sustainable given the unalterable amount of our planet's natural resources base without any significant reduction of human population size. To make civilization sustainable without drastic population reduction, our behavior – our consumption habit, and thus our way of life – will have to be fundamentally altered. In other words, consumerism is the target here: it has to be dismantled and replaced with a new way of life that is less wasteful of earth's resources. Thus, the UN Study Group needs to collect the thoughts of a representative sample of humanity in order to devise a re-education program which would work to fundamentally alter our habits: the “Human Behavior Modification Program”. See my blog post: http://www.lawrencechin2011.com/blogs/2012/06/03/the-psychology-of-the-conspiracy-theorists-and-the-news-about-the-new-new-world-order/ and http://www.lawrencechin2011.com/blogs/2012/07/19/the-moscow-experiment-and-the-un-study-group/.

Both projects therefore require the UN Study Group to select a sample of population that is representative of the whole humanity and implant them with brain chips to allow the giant thought-reading computer to collect their thoughts. It has been so convenient that I am in Los Angeles because Los Angeles just happens to be the city whose population is the most diverse, hence most representative of humanity, in the world. The population of Los Angeles who have been microchipped to allow the crime of “utopia” to be committed can therefore serve also as the experimental subjects for composing the “Encyclopedia of Human Thought Patterns” and for devising the “Human Behavior Modification Program”.

It is still bad news for me. Remember that I still have to live out a life in approximate conformity to the false profile which Mr Buenrostro has forged of me between April 1 and April 10 2010. I'll therefore, for example, have to be kicked around and complained about by many people I have met as if I were a a creep – since being universally detested is one of the characteristics in that false profile of me. None of these people who detest me know that their incorrect perception of my behavior and intention has been carefully controlled by a giant thought-reading computer inside the International Court house. Nor do they know that I have been remotely controlled to occasionally exhibit the bizarre behavior which they witness. And yet I cannot tell them the truth – that they are being controlled via a microchip implant in their head – since they will not believe it but will only call me crazy. Through this trial America has been perfected into an “inverted society”: where those who perceive reality correctly are labeled “insane” and those who live in delusion and illusion are considered sane and get to label those who perceive reality correctly “insane”. This is inevitable because ordinary people have been for too long brain-washed by the Bilderberg elites and conditioned by consumerism to lose the ability to reason and to accept the illusion manufactured by the elites and dictated by consumerism as “reality”. People, at least in the Western world, have now become to the elites what pets are to their owners: both when the elites are trying to hurt them or have just saved their lives, they will have no idea at all – nor can they even comprehend it when they are told so. This is the greatest hurdle which the UN Study Group will have to overcome in order to teach people to live differently – and this is the ultimate reason why they have to study how human thoughts operate, especially under consumerism.

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