Obama has secret brain surgery to remove brain chip

I have been saying since early 2010 that our former Vice President Cheney has planted a nanochip inside President Obama’s head back in early 2009 in order to remotely control Obama to carry out his New World Order plan without anyone knowing about it. I have written about it in one of my chapters. Only tonight did I discover that there was actually a rumor, back in April 2011, about Obama having had brain surgery. Like here: “Obama had brain surgery”. This “Weekly World News” report even quotes Glenn Beck as saying “I think someone like George Soros implanted a brain chip in the President’s skull and [is] controlling his thoughts and actions”. Well, I don’t think this is nonsense at all, but, like I said, it is Dick Cheney who has planted the chip, and not someone like George Soros, and the brain surgery is probably to remove the chip, not to implant it. Obama was lucky: the Russians discovered through the International Court that Obama had been implanted with chips and they promptly liberated Obama from Dick Cheney and removed the chips from his head. Anderson Cooper on CNN of course dismissed the rumor about Obama’s secret brain surgery.

Did Obama have secret brain surgery?

When I was watching his video about 30 minutes ago at a Starbucks (Vermont and Prospect, LA), an ambulance passed by blasting its siren, as if directed by the control center to confirm that I was indeed right: Obama did have brain surgery to remove the brain chip planted in his head.

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  1. I have to qualify myself here. Back in late 2008 when Dick Cheney got Obama implanted with microchips in order to remotely control him, he got Obama implanted with a set of four microchips. It required that many to make Obama his personal remote control robot. When the Russians rescued Obama in early 2010, they gave Obama brain surgery to remove three of the chips, but the fourth microchip which allows the giant computer inside the International Court to read Obama’s thoughts is left inside his head. This microchip has however been reconfigured to be capable of transmitting signals only, and not capable of receiving signals. It is a “master chip”.

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