Lawrence Chin Welcome

Hey there, I’m your Business Tips Guru – My Name is Lawrence Chin. It’s amazing the amount of tips related to local small businesses there is out there. It’s also amazing to see the businesses grow in the local market but just a hand full of businesses really “make it”. My goal in this website is to change all that by providing functional marketing tips for small businesses in your local town. I want to give you a better perspective into the market and what’s going on perhaps in your own town.

Your Main Source of Growth

The idea of this site is to be resourceful. Along with my team, we want to take a look at what you are doing to promote your business and the ideas you are putting into place. So I want to personally welcome you and I hope to see more of your business, and perhaps we’ll be working together very soon. In any case, you can rest assure, your information is ALWAYS secure with us. We don’t sell or give away your information to third party sites. Take a look at our privacy page for more details.

Other than that, I hope to see you soon. If you need more information about our plans, you can contact us here.