05 Book Review Series: 1001 Ways to Inspire – Motivation

There will always be an angry customer. Educate employees on how to deal with these customers. Effective handling must be taken under most situations to keep the customer satisfied. You don’t want to lose a customer’s business if a complaint isn’t handled correctly. If that customer doesn’t return, you’ve lost income from them as well as possibly from others when the unhappy customer spreads his experience.

It can cost money to clean things up after the fact if legal documents aren’t properly designed. Motivate your attorney to get what needs to be done. Determine what personality he or she has and utilize principles to work with them to keep them motivated to get the most from your legal funds. Whether it’s an attorney or an auditor, do what you can to motivate them to do what can be done or what needs to be done.


About the Stockholders

Stockholders have become very savvy on the progress of their investment. Determine how you will address the different personality types before a stockholders meeting. Concentrate the presentation on short-term tasks.

Success Managers

Success as a manager depends just as much as organization on the inside and outside of the business. Always be cognitive of outside relationships as you never know when you may need them for services or even a job. No matter what the personality, all people share three common motivational drives. One, people have reasons for everything they do and will set up goals in an attempt to get what they want. Second, people are generally selfish and will do something because they believe it is good for them. Third, whatever goals are chosen, they must be attainable. If the goal isn’t attainable, you will stop pursuing it.

Motivation & Opportunity

A manager has the opportunity to help motivate employees to reach their goals. Good managers recognize their success is dependent on those who work around them. Managers have the responsibility of motivating everyone who has an influence on the success of the business. The manager must be motivated him/herself by personality type, perception and a desire to achieve goals. The manager must have an understanding of the person’s personality characteristics, utilize the right motivational techniques and follow-ups to make sure those techniques are working.

Orientation, Values, Motivation

There are three important motivational factors a manager must possess: orientation toward change, values and understanding to become motivated, and perception of what others think if nothing changes. Motivated managers don’t just talk the walk, they have drive, a relentless tone and set the tone for motivation. Motivational strategies are dependent on what people think of what turns them on or off. Learn all you can about these people and listening to what they have to say.


Determine what type of personality they have so you can apply personality techniques. Observe more than what they say, observe facial expressions, voice, speaking matter, eye contact, posture and self-confidence. Know their personality type and seize the opportunity to motivate them. A good manager motivates everyone who can help improve the overall performance of an organization. Instilling this practice in your management style will be easy to get people to help and you will become motivated in the process.

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