03 Book Review Series: 1001 Ways to Inspire – 4th Personality

Fourth Personality: The Famous Party Players

These are the ones that consider life as one big party with them as the center of attention. They are highly motivated by praise. They act as if they have the world by the tail and nothing bothers them. But they fear they will lose their popularity. They love to talk and look good in front of their peers. They are not afraid to make decisions and support their beliefs. They have a strong yearning for freedom and move away from uncomfortable events.

But people like to be around them as they find it easy to be around them. They are people connectors and seek out new ideas and relationships to live life to its fullest. They are not afraid to make tough decisions, are self-confident and accept others easily. They see life as to be enjoyed, have excellent communication skills, are energized by large groups, demand action and productivity from others, high energy individuals and inspire others to excel, strong visual learners and willing to compromise to get things done.

What is Your Main Focus?

But they are the lightweights to getting things done. They focus on the easy street and avoid long-term commitments and complete the least. It is difficult for them to concentrate and having fun is always on the top of priority. Extreme type four’s will feed off of others and live off of others as long as one allows them to. They are constantly looking for something new to do. When problems are solved quickly, they become frustrated. Most type four’s are not interested in power positions. They trust everybody and can be taken advantage of by other personalities. They are typically unreliable, talk about what they are going to do but never get it done, don’t commit to long-term goals, interrupt others and make insensitive jokes. Award type four’s for motivation as they love applause for their talents. Motivational techniques should always be positive, allow them to verbally express themselves, don’t be too serious or intent and control their schedules with follow-up sessions.

Personality is a feature we are born with…

It is shaped by character as you go through life. Character is developed over the years by design and level of commitment you have over principles. Individuals develop character traits as we progress through life. We should apply positive character traits to our own personality. There are five basic character traits: intimacy, power, communications, self-esteem and commitment. Personality types two and three have intimacy oriented personalities. They need to practice on having a healthy balance between their intimate and professional relationships. Types one and three have power based personalities and expend a lot of energy to maintain it. Types two and four should focus on power characteristics that will serve them well.

What We Learn From Communication

Communication traits are easy to alter with learned characteristics. Types one and three’s are more inclined to tell people what to do, whereas types two and four are more likely to ask people to do things. Learn to develop communication styles that will allow you to adjust to the personality type you are addressing to maximize your effectiveness. Self-esteem is the act of feeling good about yourself and a critical component of motivation.

What The Four Types Show Us

Types one and four have higher self-esteem levels, but easily criticize others. Commitment can take on several different shapes and forms. Types one and four like to work on tasks, and types one and three like to work on tasks that support their goals. Type two’s will set goals, but set restrictions on the complexity of their goals if they are not met. The pursuit of goals is essential to the motivational process. Goals provide the rewards that people need to maintain high motivational levels. Every personality brings their own strengths and weaknesses. The ability to recognize, appreciate and understand all the different personality types is an asset that will serve you well throughout your career and life.

What Are Your Life Choices?

You have two choices in life – passively endure the arrows that come your way or try to do something about them. Make a personal decision to achieve a goal. The future drives the activities of the present. Establish your goals, read as much as possible about setting goals and decide on a set of goals and proceed. Determine which ones are short-term and which are long-term. Develop in writing the steps and goals as you will then be forced and motivated to take them seriously.

Take Massive Action

You have a better motivation to take action if your goals are written out. Regardless of your personality type, announce your set of goals and show them to someone. Unmotivated people are often uncomfortable when left alone. Set goals that are realistic and mean something to you. Goals provide the fuel for motivation.

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