01 Book Review Series: 1001 Ways to Inspire Your Organization, Your Team and Yourself

We wanted to start off by giving you some food for thought and do a book review series on the “1001 Ways to Inspire Your Organization, Your Team and Yourself – David E. Rye”. Rye is a nationally recognized author who specializes in publishing how-to books addressing baby boomers retirement and financial needs, and is the founder and President of Western Publication…

About The Author

This book focuses on motivation as the most important management strategy to inspire yourself and ensure success. The book provides how to apply your best elements of your own personality to benefit yourself and others. It discusses how you can learn to bolster the weaker sides of your personality, how to accept others for what they are, how to establish working relationships with greater ease and how to motivate others to do what you need to get done. 1001 Ways to Inspire… provides powerful guidelines to change your behavior when appropriate in order to motivate and influence others.

It happens to everyone when you meet others and discuss common interests and instantly establish a connection. Then there are others you meet that it can be a challenge just to hold a conversation. Rye breaks it down into four different types of categories: type one – power players, type two – team players, type three – diplomatic players, and type four – party players. Personalities have always been a mystery and can be frustrating at times. Understanding your personality and others’ personality is the only way to grow. Every child is born with a unique set of personality traits, often different from their siblings. Personality is a solid core of traits reflecting the unique essence of a human being. They determine if you are passive or assertive. Personality is what causes us to act and react the way we do. We would become lost without our own personality traits. But you must learn how to control your own personality or you will never be able to effectively motivate others.

Determine your personality

Type one’s like to work and are highly productive. Type two’s are the team players and look for opportunities to bring happiness to others. They want others to respect them. They like people to listen to them and need to be constantly thanked for any good work they do. Type three’s are the diplomatic players who do almost anything to avoid confrontation. They have a dominant need to feel good about themselves. They open up to those who are kind to them but will recoil to those who are hostile and they seldom render an opinion. Type four’s are the party players and are the happiest of all the personality types. They consider life to be one big party in which they are the host. They believe they have the world by the tail and will only confide their fears and frustrations to those they trust. Looking good socially is important and friendships are a high priority in their lives. They seek adventure and can never sit still for very long. Independent of one’s personality, all people possess a common set of needs and wants and when triggered activate their respective levels of motivation. People have reasons for what they do and want to gain something they believe is good for them. They have to believe their goals are attainable. If you show suspicion or reflect self-doubt, your chances of motivating anyone, including yourself, will be diminished greatly.

Next Week We’ll be covering additional things we find that is crucial for business building!

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