5 Tips to Grow Your Business Successfully – 1 of 2

Starting a business, maintaining and growing it are some significant stages of any company. All these stages need different levels of effort from an entrepreneur for a smooth flow of the business and if you fail to give that effort any stage then the next stage will never come in your business. We believe many small businesses like a general contractor in Boston we know (www.designconceptsma.com) has set the standards for marketing their business.

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05 Book Review Series: 1001 Ways to Inspire – Motivation

There will always be an angry customer. Educate employees on how to deal with these customers. Effective handling must be taken under most situations to keep the customer satisfied. You don’t want to lose a customer’s business if a complaint isn’t handled correctly. If that customer doesn’t return, you’ve lost income from them as well as possibly from others when the unhappy customer spreads his experience.

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04 Book Review Series: 1001 Ways to Inspire – Management


Management is Crucial

In management, understand the key to resolving the problem. Many type two personalities need prioritizing and address their insecurities. Type three’s can be difficult to read and not aware of the problems around them. Maintain an open communication with them and provide a “need you” approach. Type four personalities will not make personal sacrifices to work harder. Encourage and demand they reorganize their priorities.

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03 Book Review Series: 1001 Ways to Inspire – 4th Personality

Whats Your Personality

Fourth Personality: The Famous Party Players

These are the ones that consider life as one big party with them as the center of attention. They are highly motivated by praise. They act as if they have the world by the tail and nothing bothers them. But they fear they will lose their popularity. They love to talk and look good in front of their peers. They are not afraid to make decisions and support their beliefs. They have a strong yearning for freedom and move away from uncomfortable events.

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02 Book Review Series: 1001 Ways to Inspire – 3 Types of Personalities

who are you

First Personality Type: Becoming Workaholics

They crave approval from others and like to be knowledgeable. They like facts and you should be precise when dealing with them. They will get a job done when it is channeled correctly but they will vent their feelings when challenged. They often ignore human relations. Many type one’s are divorced. They will always consider themselves right and seek to move to the top of an organization.

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01 Book Review Series: 1001 Ways to Inspire Your Organization, Your Team and Yourself

We wanted to start off by giving you some food for thought and do a book review series on the “1001 Ways to Inspire Your Organization, Your Team and Yourself – David E. Rye”. Rye is a nationally recognized author who specializes in publishing how-to books addressing baby boomers retirement and financial needs, and is the founder and President of Western Publication… Continue Reading →