Histoire secrète de la Cour internationale de Justice

The Secret History of the International Court of Justice
(Die geheimliche Geschichte des internationales Gerichtshofs)

or Journey into the Most Detestable and Suffering Unprecedented:
Surviving Government's Clandestine Operations and the International Court of Justice

Lawrence C Chin
copyright © 2011 - 2015

Welcome to the most complained about website in the history of the Internet.

This site, so far, is meant to host, mainly, the first completed volumes of my memoir chronicling my experience as a piece of evidence in a most vicious court battle in the International Court of Justice which started as China versus United States, then United States versus Russia, and ended with France versus Russia. The entire memoir, when finished, is supposed to detail the whole story from my experience in Montreal, Canada, in 2005, through the commencement of the court case in November 2007, until its latest episodes (dismissal in 2011 and reactivation in 2013). Volume One only covers this story until the first stage of the court case which ended in February 2008, while Volume Two finishes up the second stage where China was falsely convicted in the ICJ as a terrorism-sponsoring state and subjected to heavy sanctions in the UN Security Council, and its foreign intelligence service (Ministry of State Security) taken over by the United States.

My memoir shall melt several genres into one narrative. It is at once a history of a trial of massive import in the International Court of Justice which has effectively ended the "war for world's oil"; an exposé of the intelligence system of various nations; a philosophical reflection on good, evil, and American politics based on deception and hypocrisy; and a personal account of Borderline Personality Disorder.

I do not want to mislead my audience with the title of this work. It does not narrate how the International Court of Justice came to be established, but chronicles a single case in the World Court, a massive case which has lasted, intermittently, for six years (dismissed between 2011 and 2013), and which you will never hear about in public domain because this trial is conducted in utmost secrecy. Although you will never be able to confirm the existence of this most confidential case, however, you should keep in mind something which the Freudian Jacques Lacan has once said: "Don't forget that one day you will give what I am now writing as the subject for a thesis."

I currently (2011 - 2015) reside somewhere in the United States.

A NOTE ABOUT THE LITERARY GENRE "CONSPIRACY THEORIES": This narrative, "The Secret History of the ICJ", belongs to the literary genre "conspiracy theories" (CT). CT is defined as that particular perspective on world events (political, etc.) and world phenomena (UFO, etc.) which encompasses the Weird, Strange, Alternative, etc., and which has been a particular outgrowth of Western, or Westernized, cultures: the "counter-culture". The author pleads that you look at this story, as seriously toned though it may be (in the sense that he is as surely convinced in its truthfulness as any imperfect human being is of the nature of the universe in which he resides), in the same way in which you look at varied eccentricities from Alex Jones to James Corbett to UFO enthusiasm: i.e. the "spicy in a culture" whose mainstay is the boring, polite, and restrained formalities you get from governments' websites and mainstream news. This notice is appended because any reader who, upon absorbing its content with author's thanks and appreciation, decides to use it to accuse the actual personages, public or private, identifiable in the story of crimes and misdeeds described in it, will have done so in divergence from the author's intention and with his condemnation. The narrative is as "unofficial" as is any conspiracy theorist's "unofficial" biography of Senior Bush or Queen of England: it has no legal force of whatever kind until enough official confirmation or legally valid evidences from third party sources should emerge one day. This story, as imperfect personal testimony, is intended, at present, as "spicy in a culture" -- a "counter-culture product" -- for author's own catharsis and pleasures in enlightening others on different ways of looking at the same things. So far, nothing more, or less, than a "literary genre".

NOTICE: "(secret)" marks files not for public viewing

  • The new blog associated with this site. (Please keep in mind that "blog" contains writings done on the spur of the moment. They are not meant to be taken seriously like the chapters below.)
  • The story behind my experience with implantable microchips (March 2012: out of date)
    This is a 30-page summary of my story. A shorter summary can be seen here, and its Chinese version here (out of date with a major error).
  • Blog defunct. Archived blogs: the blogs here are PDF printouts of the old blog (before May 2015) and are for references/ research only. (I. e. chapters below often refer to some of them.) They are excluded from searching engine indexing through the Robot Text Exclusion Protocol. They are not for random public viewing through search engines. Moreover, the content here are not meant to be authentic, unlike the regular chapters below, e.g. the series "Updates on K's Secret Society's operations" (mostly nonsensical). Save brief comments on science and political matters, of course.
  • Two series from the old blog are posted separately because of their importance.
    1. The meaning of female evolution as increasing neoteny, Anglophone justice system's bias toward white females, and "counting number" in determining gender equality
    2. How to develop Russia's soft-power. Thesis: Russia's loss of Ukraine is fundamentally caused by Russia's lack of soft-power (its former soviet subjects being more attracted to Western societies than to Russian society) as much as by Western imperialism. There is only one way to develop Russia's soft-power to such point that the Russian sphere will never fear Western destabilizing influences again.

Volume One

Part One: Introduction into the world of clandestine operations and its hermeneutics

Part Two: The conviction of China in the International Court of Justice

Images and files referred to in Volume One

Volume Two

Images and files referred to in Volume Two

Volume Three
(The materials in Volume Three onwards are being posted as they are completed.)

Part Three: The conviction of Russia in the International Court of Justice

Files referred to in Volume Three

Volume Four

Portions of the files referred to in Volume Four

Volume Five

Part Four: The conspiracy in the International Criminal Court

Volume Six

Part Five: The imaginary "third run", the making of a subhuman, and the restoration of the Prozess

Files referred to Volume Five

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